About Us

Welcome to Playlist Curator!

At Playlist Curator, we’re all about curating awesome playlists. We’re official curators on Spotify, YouTube Music, SoundCloud and we take pride in handpicking every song. Our playlists aren’t just random collections – they’re carefully crafted with love and updated regularly with fresh tunes we discover.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: professional playlist curation. We don’t rely on algorithms to automatically curate playlists. Instead, we use the most traditional but accurate method: our ears. We carefully listen to each song before adding it to our playlists. We aim to ensure that every song in our playlists resonates with the audience, evoking the expected emotion or feeling for each theme of the playlist.

Who is Behind PlaylistCurator.org?

Serena Whitfield – The Founder

Serena Whitfield


Serena Whitfield is the founder of this site. She is a musician who writes songs for bands. She studied music at the University of Oxford and graduated with distinction. Because of her expertise, she knows how to review songs and understand what makes good and bad music. Every playlist on our platform is approved by her before publishing to maintain the quality of our music playlists.

Jasper Clarke – Playlist Curator

Jasper Clarke Avatar

Jasper Clarke is a professional guitarist. He helps us curate many music playlists that gain a lot of followers. He has a knack for curating playlists because listening to music is his passion. He enjoys listening to various genres of music, such as rock, folk, and R&B. Because of this, he’s like a walking database of songs. This makes it easy for him to choose great songs for our playlists. 

Why Should You Listen to Our Playlists

We’re not your typical online music playlists. We’re professionals who know music inside and out. We listen to and evaluate thousands of songs before choosing the best ones for our carefully curated playlists. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re gaining more followers every day. We’re on track to become a major playlist curator on the internet:

  • Over 100K followers across our playlists
  • More than 500 actively curated playlists
  • Presence on all major streaming platforms

Submit Music to Our Playlists

Our website attracts over 20,000 visitors monthly, and we know musicians want to promote their music on our playlists. Currently, we receive 100 music submissions each week. We listen to each submission carefully to handpick the best songs for our playlists. Feel free to submit your music to us, but please note that we don’t guarantee its addition to our playlist if it doesn’t meet our criteria.