20 Songs About Coming Home

We can share many quotes about home, but one of the best is, ‘A home is where the heart is.’

This means home isn’t just the house you live in. It’s also the love you feel for your family, where your dreams live, and where you find happiness. For instance, think about the cozy feeling you get when you walk into your grandparents’ house and smell your grandma’s famous apple pie baking in the oven.

If you want to hear songs about going back home, we’ve got you covered! In this playlist, you will discover 20 of the greatest songs about returning home.

20 Songs About Coming Home

1. “Comin’ Home” by City And Colour

“Comin’ Home” by City And Colour explores the feeling of longing for home while traveling. The singer reflects on their experiences traveling the world but finds their mind stuck on their last destination.

Despite the title suggesting a return home, the singer considers travel routine and doesn’t bother with souvenirs, knowing they’ll soon be on the move again. Instead, their thoughts are consumed by troubles with their lover back home. They’d rather be with their partner than see any of the sights they’ve encountered.

In the end, the singer wonders if their lover will choose them over someone else and ultimately decides to head home, prioritizing their relationship. As the song goes, “If I should die before I wake / I pray the Lord my soul to take / But please don’t cry, just know that I have made these songs for you.”

2. “Home In A Boxcar” by Hoots & Hellmouth

“Home In A Boxcar” by Hoots & Hellmouth poses the question: is home always in one place? For the band, it’s not so simple.

The song starts with the speaker reflecting on a photograph of himself and friends, while also reminiscing about sitting in a train boxcar as a stowaway, far from home. Celebrating his escape from trouble and the lure of a settled home, he seems content with his chosen path.

But as the chorus arrives, a feeling of restlessness creeps in. Despite putting down temporary roots in unfamiliar towns, he ponders how to find his way back home. He acknowledges that he can return home anytime, even if only in a dream, yet continues to embrace the nomadic lifestyle of the road. As the lyrics go, “But every lonesome traveler knows / If he wants to go home, he can If only in a dream, yes he can / Wake up to find he’s asleep.”

3. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver has always been a hit, but it became super popular recently. That’s all thanks to its use in the trailer for the game Fallout 76. Lots of new folks fell in love with the song because of that.

In the song, the singer really wants to go back to his home in West Virginia. He’s thinking about all the good stuff waiting for him there. When he belts out, “Country roads, take me home to the place I belong,” you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy about your own home.

The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of nature, and the singer talks about the family and friends who are waiting for him. It’s such a lovely song that it might just make you want to pack your bags and head to the Smoky Mountains.

4. “You’re My Home” by Billy Joel

The song “You’re My Home” by Billy Joel tells us that home isn’t always a building. For Joel, home is the person he loves.

In the song, Joel talks about how he never really had a place he could call home. He describes himself as a “crazy gypsy,” always moving around. But that’s okay because he feels at home with his lover.

One memorable lyric from the song is: “When you touch my weary head / And you tell me everything will be all right.”

This short and sweet song shows us how important it is to have a deep connection with someone. Joel sings that as long as he’s with his lover, he’ll never feel alone because she is his home.

5. “Lights” By Journey

In Journey’s famous track, “Lights,” the singer shares a common struggle with personal connections while on tour, echoing themes similar to Dallas Green’s experiences.

The song expresses the singer’s deep love for his hometown of San Francisco. Even while away, he’s reminded of home “when the lights go down in the city,” feeling a pang of loneliness and longing for his beloved city by the bay.

While the song’s lyrics are straightforward, focusing more on melodic crooning and harmonizing, the simple yet poignant words evoke a strong sense of yearning for one’s home city.

6. “Ocean Song” By Daughters

Daughters’ song “Ocean Song” tackles the tough topic of mental health, offering a departure from their usual upbeat tunes. It tells the story of Paul, a man returning home to a dismal environment that reflects his inner struggles, as seen in the lines, “He opens the door, the world is suddenly different / He senses something terrible awaiting / A loose thread, a worsening.”

The lyrics paint a picture of Paul’s dreary surroundings, with cracked bush beds and a broken garage door, symbolizing the challenges he faces. But it’s not just the external environment that bothers him; there’s a deeper turmoil within him.

As Paul stands on the brink of entering his house, something inside him breaks, and he decides to flee instead. The song captures the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of monotony and the toll it takes on mental well-being.

7. “Sweet Home Alabama” By Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ is a quintessential Southern anthem. But did you know it’s actually a response to another song?

Back in 1974, Neil Young released ‘Southern Man,’ which criticized racism in the South. Lynyrd Skynyrd fired back with ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ They directly address Young in the lyrics, singing, “Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her, Well, I heard ol’ Neil put her down.”

The song also mentions ‘the governor,’ a nod to George Wallace of Alabama. It’s clear the band didn’t see eye-to-eye with Wallace’s pro-segregation stance.”

Having said that, the line “Sweet home Alabama, Where the skies are so blue” captures the pride and affection the band members had for their home state, despite the social and political tensions it faced.

8. “The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me” By The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years, known for their pop-punk anthems, delve into the complexities of coming home in ‘The Ocean Grew Hands to Hold Me.’

Throughout their music, the band often expresses a desire to escape their hometown and dissatisfaction with their surroundings. Home is a conflicted topic for them. However, in the closing track of their album Sister Cities, home takes on a different meaning—a place to yearn for.

The protagonist wishes for the ocean’s current to guide them home, symbolizing a longing for familiarity and belonging, as expressed in the lines “I wish that the current would carry me home / I’ve been running for a decade now / And I think I’m ready to go / Oh, I’m ready to go.”

9. “Young Love” By Coheed And Cambria

Coheed and Cambria are often known for their song “Welcome Home,” but “Young Love” is another powerful track about the concept of home.

In this song, the focus is not on romantic love but on a physical home, as expressed in the lines “”If these walls could share the things they know / Oh, I had to let you go / Leave you alone, this broken home.”

Lead singer Claudio Sanchez reminisces about a house affectionately called the Big Beige. He and his wife rented it out when they moved away, only for the new tenants to turn it into a drug den. The house suffers further damage during a police raid.

Sanchez apologizes to the house for leaving it in the wrong hands, portraying it as his true home, as he sings, “In the wrong hands / You were bruised, disposed / Oh, please try and understand.”

10. “Gone” by Benjamin Clementine

“Gone” by Benjamin Clementine hints at being about home, even though it doesn’t directly mention it, as evident in the lines “Neighbors where did you vanish to? If it was to a wonderland /Well it’s not known to my kind, mankind.”

In the song, Clementine sings about feeling nostalgic and bored when he’s at home. Upon his return, he visits his old neighborhood and remembers walking home with groceries for his family. He notices how everything has changed—the streets, the places he used to know. He even finds his old school route now frequented by prostitutes.

As Clementine puts it, “Like the road I use to cross to school / Is now full of prostitutes.” He also wonders about his old friend who got married and where his neighbors have gone.

11. “Home” by Jack Johnson

“Home” by Jack Johnson is a song about returning home after a long time away. Johnson sings about how love resides at home, but when he returns, he finds it neglected.

His garden is overgrown, his lime tree is dead, and birds have taken over his attic, showing how long he’s been gone. He sings, “I’ve gotta get home /There’s a garden to tend /All the seeds from the fruits buried and began.”

The song reminds us to pay attention to our responsibilities. Ignoring them can lead to things falling apart, like a neglected garden.

12. “Mama, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne

“Mama, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne might not seem like a typical song about coming home, considering Osbourne’s reputation. However, the song reflects on how his time on tour has changed him.

Even though the lyrics mention “coming home,” things are different now, and so is he. Time has passed, and he realizes he’s not the same person anymore. When he returns home to his family, his wife welcomes him but also hurts him with lies, making him cry.

As Osbourne sings, “Times have changed and times are strange / Here I come, but I ain’t the same / Mama, I’m coming home,” he expresses the idea of returning home but feeling like a different person. Despite the difficulties and bad experiences, he still chooses to return.

13. “Home” by Daughtry

“Home” by Daughtry is about feeling homesick, similar to some other songs on this list. It was released in 2007 on the band’s self-titled album.

The song is inspired by Chris Daughtry’s early experiences in the music industry, when he was away from his family for the first time. It starts with the singer reflecting on the comfort of going home, where he feels he truly belongs.

As Daughtry sings, “Well, I’m going home / Back to the place where I belong / And where your love has always been enough for me,” he expresses the deep longing for his home and loved ones. Even though his career often keeps him away, nothing compares to the feeling of being back home.

14. “A Home” by Rivers of Nihil

“A Home” by Rivers of Nihil delves into the idea of not feeling at home where you are. The song explores the concept of where a person truly belongs.

The lyrics reveal that the singer feels isolated, surrounded by strangers (“these faces you cannot recall”). He suggests that what’s “beneath us” can never truly be considered home. 

Despite having wealth and possessions, the song suggests that earthly life can never provide a true sense of home, as expressed in the lines “You can never call this home, Relax deep within, Inside this cell of skin.”

15. “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins

“Take Me Home” by Phil Collins is often mentioned in lists like this one, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you pay attention to the words, you’ll notice it’s actually about mental health institutions.

In the song, the singer talks about feeling trapped in his own home. The lyrics “fire that’s been burnin’ right outside my door” could symbolize the obstacles preventing him from leaving. He’s also afraid of the outside world, and those around him seem indifferent to his struggles.

As the song progresses, it becomes evident that the narrator is in a mental asylum. He can’t remember his real home anymore, so he begs the listener to “take me home,” longing for a sense of belonging and safety.

16. “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges is a heartwarming song celebrating the love for a significant other. Bridges affectionately refers to this person as his “home.”

The song expresses the singer’s disillusionment with his travels and experiences around the world. He seems disappointed with what he’s seen in people and life in general. His declaration to come home indicates that his lover is all he needs.

Though the lyrics may repeat, the soulful melody emphasizes the importance of building a home with someone you love. With that special person, you feel at home, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be, as reflected in the lyrics “Baby, baby, baby, I’m coming home to your tender sweet loving.”

17. “I’m Coming Home” by Lionel Richie

In “I’m Coming Home,” Lionel Richie reflects on his life’s mistakes. The song, from his 2006 album “Coming Home,” sees the singer looking back on his past.

Richie regrets the things he “shoulda done, coulda done,” recognizing the missteps of youth. He realizes the value of experience, having to lose everything before finding his way.

Acknowledging the pain he’s endured, Richie takes the lessons learned and sets himself on the path back home. It’s a realization of the importance of returning to one’s roots. He sings, “I’ve been through love (I’m coming home) / I’ve been through some pain, I know / (I’m coming home) changes in my life.”

18. “I’m Coming Home” by The Spinners

Next up on our list is the soul and R&B number “I’m Coming Home” by The Spinners. With a bright brass section and an addictive set of strings, The Spinners offer a melancholic celebration of home.

Amidst all the chaos in the world, there’s always that place where we can find comfort: home. The singer expresses disappointment at how things turned out for him. He pursued his dreams, only to have others tear them down and knock him down.

Tired of it all, he sets his sights on coming home and creating new dreams. Perhaps he’ll find himself a wife and strive to be a better man, as seen in the lyrics “Try to be, try to be a good man /But I gotta get myself together, I’m going home.”

19. “Coming Home” By Diddy-Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey

“Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey reflects on certain events in Diddy’s life. Collaborating with Skylar Grey, who provides soft vocals in the chorus, Diddy shares his introspections.

The song addresses the mistakes the singer has made, with lyrics like “Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday,” showing a desire to move forward.

He longs to be home with the people who matter most to him, as expressed in the lines, “I’m coming home, I’m coming home / Tell the world that I’m coming home.”

Moreover, the song serves as a tribute to Diddy’s friend, the Notorious B.I.G., with the line “I miss you BIG.” Towards the end, he expresses gratitude to the Lord for guiding him towards becoming a better person.

20. “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine

“Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show highlights the idea that home isn’t always a physical house. The song’s chorus is borrowed from Bob Dylan’s “Rock Me Momma.”

The lyrics tell the story of a traveler, a fiddler in an old-time string band, who faces financial struggles after a game of poker. He lacks a car and money for travel.

Despite these challenges, he’s determined to return to Raleigh to be with his lover. The song illustrates the notion that the person we hold dear can become our home, no matter where we are, as seen in the lyrics “And I’m a-hopin’ for Raleigh / I can see my baby tonight.”

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