20 Songs About Electricity

Electricity is super important for our daily lives. It helps us stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and powers everything we use, like lights, appliances, computers, and more. It’s a big deal for the economy too. Factories and industries run on electricity, making it a key player in our modern world.

One cool thing about electricity is that it works for a long time without much maintenance. It’s reliable, and once the power lines are set up, transporting electricity is a breeze. The invention of electricity has totally changed how we live. It even gives us the ability to enjoy more leisure activities.

And hey, did you know that electricity is a popular theme in songs? Musicians use it to express emotions, experiences, and ideas. It can symbolize energy, power, intensity, or even the spark in a relationship.

In this playlist, we’ve put together a list of 20 songs all about electricity.

20 Songs About Electricity

1. “Together In Electric Dreams” by Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey

“Together in Electric Dreams” is a song by Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey. It was created for the soundtrack of the 1984 film Electric Dreams and later featured in their joint album Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder released in 1985. The song delves into themes of love, distance, and the enduring nature of connections.

The lyrics of the song incorporate the metaphor of electricity to describe the strength and constancy of the bond between the two persons. Here are a few relevant lines:

“We’ll always be together

Together in electric dreams”

This use of “electric dreams” symbolizes a connection that transcends physical distance, suggesting a timeless and enduring quality to the relationship, much like the consistent and ever-present nature of electricity.

2. “Electricity” by Midnight Star

“Electricity” by Midnight Star is a lively and upbeat song that falls within the funk and R&B genres. Released in 1983, the track is known for its energetic and danceable vibe. The lyrics playfully explore the concept of electricity as a metaphor for the intense and electrifying attraction between two people.

The song starts with the singer proclaiming his power to energize and magnetize, setting the tone for a dynamic and charged atmosphere. The lyrics use the imagery of electricity to convey a sense of excitement and desire:

“I got the power to energize

I got the power to magnetize

I’ll fill you up with my energy

You’ll be my toy, I’ll be your electricity”

These lines highlight the singer’s confidence and control, asserting his ability to energize and captivate. The metaphor of being someone’s “electricity” suggests a potent and intense connection, where one person becomes the source of energy and excitement for the other. 

3. “Electric Feel” by MGMT

“Electric Feel” by MGMT is a catchy song that was released as the second single from their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, in 2008. The song combines elements of rock and psychedelic pop, creating a unique and energetic sound.

The lyrics of “Electric Feel” use vivid imagery and metaphors related to electricity. The singer describes encountering a person with the power to shock and electrify, using phrases like “She got the power in her hand” and “Shock me like an electric eel.” The lyrics also touch on themes of sensuality and the electrifying connection between two people.

The lines “Put your circuits in the sea, This is what the world is for, Making electricity” suggest a playful and imaginative exploration of the relationship between nature, technology, and the electrifying feelings associated with love or desire.

4. “My Electricity” by The Gathering

“My Electricity” by The Gathering is a song that delves into the profound emotional connection between two people. The lyrics explore the idea that the speaker’s emotions, referred to as “electricity,” have a tangible impact on the natural world. The act of sending the other person’s name into the sky symbolizes a form of communication that transcends conventional boundaries. He sings:

“And all my electricity

Will make it across your sea

And provides you

With my love”

These lines suggest that the singer’s intense emotions, likened to electricity, have the power to traverse vast distances, overcoming the sea that separates him from the person he loves. 

The repetition of the phrase “And all my electricity” underscores the significance of this emotional force, reinforcing the idea that it serves as a powerful conduit for expressing love across physical barriers. 

5. “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant

“Electric Avenue” is a song by Eddy Grant released in 1982 on his album “Killer on the Rampage.” The song is known for addressing social issues, particularly the 1981 Brixton riot in London. The lyrics touch on topics like street violence, the struggle for basic needs, and the challenges faced by the working class.

While the song is titled “Electric Avenue,” the lyrics don’t delve deeply into electricity-related themes. Instead, the title seems to be a metaphorical reference to the location in London. The repeated phrase “rock down to electric avenue” suggests a desire for change and a hope for improvement in challenging circumstances. Eddy Grant sings:

“Now in the street there is violence

And, and a lots of work to be done

No place to hang out our washing

And, and I can’t blame all on the sun”

The phrase ‘lots of work to be done’ implies a call to action, possibly highlighting the challenges that require collective efforts to overcome.

6. “Electricity” by Elton John

“Electricity” is a song by Elton John and Lee Hall for Billy Elliot the Musical. It was released in 2005 and became Elton John’s 63rd top-40 hit in the UK. The song is sung by Billy Elliot in the stage production during his audition for The Royal Ballet School.

The lyrics talk about a powerful and indescribable feeling, like forgetting who you are and simultaneously feeling complete. It’s compared to music playing in your ear, making you disappear. The title lyric, “Electricity sparks inside of me, and I’m free,” is inspired by Billy’s description of dancing as “Electricity” in the film. This passion is the implied reason for his acceptance into The Royal Ballet School.

The song expresses the sensation of change, like a fire inside, bursting open and impossible to hide. It likens the feeling to flying, like electricity sparking inside and bringing a sense of freedom.

7. “She’s Electric” by Oasis

“She’s Electric” by Oasis is a lively and whimsical song from their 1995 album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. The track is known for its storytelling lyrics and catchy melody, offering a playful exploration of the quirks and eccentricities within a girl’s family.

As for lyrics related to electricity, the title itself and the repeated question in the chorus, “Can I be electric too?” suggest a metaphorical use of the term. In this context, “electric” could symbolize a dynamic, energetic, or exciting personality.

The lyrics playfully inquire whether the singer can share in this electrifying quality possessed by the girl. The use of “electric” adds a metaphorical layer to the song, contributing to its overall charm and light-hearted tone.

8. “Electricity Drive” by Alphawezen

“Electricity Drive” by Alphawezen is a song that expresses a longing for mystery and a deeper, electrifying experience.

The lyrics convey a desire for a dynamic and lively atmosphere, using imagery like “Give me a world in motion” and “A planet on the run.”

The repetition of the phrases “Give me a mystery” and “Electricity drive” suggests a strong yearning for excitement and a unique, powerful connection.

9. “Electricity” by Captain Beefheart

“Electricity” by Captain Beefheart is a song that caused some trouble back in the day! It was on their album called “Safe as Milk” from 1967. Beefheart and his band got dropped by their record label, A&M Records, because one of the owners thought the song was too negative for his daughter.

The mention of “High voltage man” and “Electricity” suggests a theme related to power and energy, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. It seems to suggest that electricity brings light to those who need to hide something in the darkness. There are also references to a midnight cowboy and seeking out electricity as a sort of guiding force.

10. “Electricity” by The Avalanches

“Electricity” by The Avalanches is a song from the electronic music group’s early work, first released as a single on September 13, 1999. It marked their debut with Modular Recordings and was later featured on their 2000 album, “Since I Left You.” The group, consisting of Robbie Chater and Darren Seltmann, is known for their unique sampling style and blending of various musical elements.

The song includes repetitive rap phrases like “Rap dirty” and “I can see electricity,” creating a rhythmic and energetic vibe. The lyrics, though minimalistic, contribute to the overall atmosphere of the track. The use of the word “electricity” suggests a dynamic and lively theme, potentially reflecting the vibrant and electrifying nature of the music itself.

11. “The Dance of Electricity” by Laurie Anderson

“The Dance of Electricity” by Laurie Anderson is a song that delves into the life and work of Nikola Tesla, the renowned inventor of alternating current (AC) and various electrical devices. In the lyrics, Anderson narrates her connection to the Tesla Institute in Belgrade, where she was invited to speak on topics such as the American blackout of information about Tesla and capitalist resistance to technological progress.

The song’s title suggests a lively and energetic exploration of the theme of electricity. Anderson mentions the Tesla coil and Tesla’s dream of wireless energy, emphasizing his vision of a system where appliances could be connected directly to the ground. The lyrics also touch upon Tesla’s employment under Thomas Edison, highlighting their conflicts and Edison’s attempts to discredit AC current, including dramatic demonstrations with animals.

“And its beat is derived from an actual dance—

an involuntary dance—

and it’s the dance you do when one of your fingers gets wedged in a live


and your arms start pumping up and down”

These lyrics vividly describe the physical reaction to an electric shock, capturing the involuntary and energetic nature of the “dance” induced by the powerful force of electricity.

The song seems to use this metaphorical dance to convey the impact and intensity of Tesla’s contributions to the world of electricity.

12. “Electricity Is In My Soul” by Steam Powered Giraffe

“Electricity Is In My Soul” by Steam Powered Giraffe is a unique and expressive track that delves into the theme of identity and acceptance. Written by David Michael Bennett, the song stands out as the only one in the Steam Powered Giraffe repertoire to feature a distinct verse for each robot member past and present. It serves as the eighth track on Album One and is also included in “Music from SteamWorld Heist.”

The song portrays a moment of introspection, where the narrator addresses the challenges of being different, specifically in her reliance on electricity. 

I know you don’t like how I feed but please try to remember it’s natural

for a thing like me

Electricity is in my soul, soul

These lines suggest a sense of alienation and a plea for acceptance. By stating that electricity is in her soul, she emphasizes the integral role it plays in shaping who she is.

13. “Electricity” by Suede

“Electricity” by Suede is a track that delves into the raw intensity of love, drawing parallels between its power and the force of electricity itself. The song captures the tumultuous nature of a passionate relationship. Suede sings:

“We got a lotta electricity

We got a love like AC/DC

We got a love and it got no shame

We kiss our love with lips like pain”

These lines highlight the intensity of their love, likening it to the high voltage energy associated with electricity. The reference to AC/DC, a band known for its high-energy rock music, further emphasizes the raw, powerful nature of their relationship. The phrase “kiss our love with lips like pain” suggests that their affection is intense and maybe even somewhat painful. 

14. “Static Electricity” by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

The song “Static Electricity” by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard talks about abstract and surreal ideas, using electricity as a symbol for separation and change. The lyrics describe how static electricity affects connections between people, using metaphors and vivid language.

The lyrics repeat the phrase “Split you and me, static electricity,” suggesting a division caused by the electrical force. There’s a futuristic touch with the mention of singularity and lightning strikes in digital cells, adding a technological aspect to the story.

The song also uses metaphorical actions like tearing apart, shaping, and replacing elements. It describes actions like ripping the husk from brown rice and lacerating pig flesh to make a clay machine.

These actions might represent a creative or destructive process, possibly symbolizing the relationship between natural and artificial parts.

15. “Electricity, Electricity” by Goodness

“Electricity, Electricity” by Goodness is a lively and educational song that celebrates the wonders of electricity. The lyrics playfully explore various aspects of electricity, from the simple act of flipping a switch to the more complex processes involved in power generation.

The song also delves into the historical context, referencing Benjamin Franklin’s experiments with electricity and touching on the phenomenon of static electricity. 

“When you’re in the dark and you want to see,

Electricity, Electricity.

Well now flip that switch and what do you get?

Electricity, Electricity.

Every room can now be lit,

Electricity, Electricity.”

These lines capture the basic idea of using electricity to illuminate a dark space by flipping a switch. 

“Benjamin Franklin with his kite was searchin’ for

Electricity, Electricity

He knew that it had somethin’ to do with lightnin’

It’s all Electricity, Electricity.”

Here, the song pays homage to Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment and his exploration of the connection between electricity and lightning. 

Overall, “Electricity, Electricity” combines a catchy melody with educational content, making it a fun and informative song about the marvels of electricity.

16. “Electricity” by Frank Sidebottom

“Electricity” by Frank Sidebottom is a quirky and humorous song that reflects the eccentric style of the artist, known for wearing a paper-mâché head. The song is a playful take on the theme of electricity, blending whimsical lyrics with an upbeat and catchy melody.

“It’s electric, it’s electric

Yeah, it’s electric, it’s electric

Woo, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby”

The lyrics playfully emphasize the electrifying nature of the subject, and the repetitive use of the word “electric” adds a lively and energetic feel to the song.

17. “Electricity” by Lee Foss

“Electricity” by Lee Foss is a song that explores the theme of connection and attraction, drawing parallels between the intensity of a romantic relationship and the power of electricity. The recurring motif of electricity serves as a metaphor for the electric charge and energy that can exist between people.

“Don’t know about electricity,

But I’m shocked by our connectivity.”

These lines express the singer’s awe at the unexpected and intense connection with someone else. The play on words with “shocked” and “connectivity” cleverly ties the theme of electricity to the emotional experience of the relationship.

18. “Father Electricity” by The Voidz

“Father Electricity” by The Voidz is a song that blends elements of rock and indie music. The track is part of the band’s debut album, “Tyranny,” released in 2014. The Voidz is fronted by Julian Casablancas, who is also the lead singer of The Strokes.

The song explores themes of confusion, disillusionment, and the desire for clarity. One recurring motif in the lyrics is the mention of electricity, suggesting a metaphorical element to the song. 

“Like harmonies, locks in keys

Lightning in every drop

Born out of electricity, I wait for you in the second life”

These lines seem to evoke a sense of energy and power, drawing parallels between harmonies and locks, and suggesting a connection between lightning and the essence of life. The mention of being “born out of electricity” adds an intriguing layer, possibly hinting at the idea of a second chance or rebirth.

19. “Electric Blue” by Icehouse

“Electric Blue” by Icehouse is a song that emerged from a collaboration between Iva Davies, the lead singer of Icehouse, and John Oates from the American band Hall & Oates. Oates, a fan of Davies, joined forces with him to create this track. Notably, John Oates contributed the distinctive falsetto backing vocals.

The title “Electric Blue” was inspired by a line from the 1970 T. Rex song “Jewel,” where the lyrics describe a girl’s eyes as ‘electric blue.’ In the context of “Electric Blue” by Icehouse, the theme revolves around the intense impact someone can have on another person.

Now, let’s delve into some lyrics that touch upon the theme of electricity:

“I just freeze every time you see through me

And it’s all over you, Electric blue”

These lines suggest a powerful and overwhelming emotional response. The metaphor of freezing and the mention of “Electric blue” convey a sense of intensity and perhaps the electrifying nature of the connection between two individuals.

“In too deep, standing here waiting as I’m breaking in two, Electric blue”

Here, the lyrics express a sense of being deeply involved in a situation, with the metaphor of breaking in two indicating emotional vulnerability. The use of “Electric blue” continues to evoke a strong and impactful connection.

20. “Electricity” by Dua Lipa, Silk City

“Electricity” is a vibrant and energetic collaboration between Silk City, a duo comprised of DJs Diplo and Mark Ronson, and the talented English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa. Released as a single in 2018, the song blends elements of dance, pop, and electronic music, creating a catchy and feel-good anthem.

The lyrics of “Electricity” convey the intense emotions and connection between two people in a relationship. The metaphor of electricity is used to describe the powerful and electrifying sensation that the lovers experience when they are together. Here are some lyrics that delve into this theme:

“Falling into you, baby

Even electricity can’t compare to what I feel

When I’m with you

Ooh, baby

Giving up my ghost for you

And now I’m see-through

You give me a feeling, feeling so strong”

In these lines, the imagery of falling and the comparison to electricity emphasize the strength and uniqueness of the emotions involved. The idea that even electricity can’t compare underscores the intensity of the connection between the two people.

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