20 Songs About Liars And Lying

Detecting deception in a relationship can involve noticing certain actions, body language, and signals.

It’s normal for people to tell occasional white lies to spare someone’s feelings or maintain harmony in a relationship. But when lying becomes frequent or harmful, it can seriously damage the relationship.

Dealing with dishonest people is something many of us have experienced, and it’s a common theme in songs.

Most of these songs delve into the emotions of betrayal and heartache brought about by a liar.

In this playlist, we’ve put together 20 great songs about liars. 

20 Songs About Liars And Lying

1. “Liar” by the Sex Pistols

“Liar” by the Sex Pistols is a song that criticizes dishonesty and manipulation. The lyrics emphasize that when someone lies, they not only look foolish but also lose the trust of others.

The song originally referred to the band’s first manager, whom they considered incompetent. However, the song’s meaning can apply to anyone who tries to deceive or manipulate others through lies.

In the song, the singer expresses the need for honesty and confronts the liar, saying they should have told the truth. The line “You’re in suspension, you’re a liar” suggests that the liar is in a state of uncertainty or probation due to their dishonesty.

2. “White Liar” By Miranda Lambert

“White Liar” by Miranda Lambert is a song that talks about lies and deception in a relationship. The lyrics describe how lies gradually come to light, much like a spreading fire, as the singer warns, “Truth comes out a little at a time.”

The singer expresses disbelief at the ease with which her lover tells lies, noting that they “slip off of your tongue like turpentine.” However, towards the end of the song, the singer admits that she, too, has been dishonest, adding a twist to the story.

Lambert highlights that anyone can become a liar as she sings, “Here’s a bombshell just for you, Turns out I’ve been lying too.” It’s a cautionary tale about the consequences of deceit in a relationship.

3. “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons

The song “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons, released in 2018, depicts a man’s struggle within a troubled marriage.

In the lyrics, he acknowledges the difficulties they’ve faced over the past year, admitting his own shortcomings as a partner. He describes his fears as “integrity, faith, and crocodile tears” and expresses a desire for trust.

As the song continues, he reflects on the imperfections in their relationship and how he wishes he could change things, but he can’t fake it anymore.

He confesses, “I’m a bad liar,” signifying that their love is beyond repair, and he encourages his lover to be free to go.

4. “Liar” By Queen

The song “Liar” by Queen tells the story of a man who confesses his sins to a priest, seeking forgiveness from God. He admits to various wrongdoings, including stealing and raising his voice in anger, all while repeating the refrain, “Liar, you’re lying to me.”

Throughout the song, the repetition of being called a liar emphasizes the singer’s desperation for atonement, as he keeps repeating his sins.

The background of the song has led to speculation about its inspiration. Some believe it may be related to Freddie Mercury’s own experiences, such as possible abuse during his youth or a situation where he tried to confide in a priest but wasn’t believed.

While the exact inspiration remains uncertain, the core theme is the plea for forgiveness despite the repetition of sins, as expressed in lines like “Liar, liar, they’ll never ever let you win” and “Liar, they let you down before you begin.”

5. “Bad Liar” By Selena Gomez

“Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez, initially released in 2017 as a single and later included in her 2020 album “Rare,” tells the story of someone who is trying to hide her intense feelings for a new crush.

The lyrics, such as “I was walking down the street the other day, Tryna distract myself, But then I see your face,” depict the struggle to distract oneself from thinking about the person but failing miserably. The narrator acknowledges that when you try to deny your feelings, you become a “bad liar.” 

In the song, the narrator describes seeing her crush unexpectedly, feeling the person’s presence even when trying to act aloof. Despite her efforts, the attraction is too strong to ignore, as expressed in lines like “Oh oh, tryna play it coy, Tryna make it disappear, But just like the battle of Troy, There’s nothing subtle here, oh oh.” 

In the end, the narrator admits that her feelings are on fire, signifying her inability to conceal the attraction with the lyrics, “With my feelings on fire, Guess I’m a bad liar.”

6. “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac

The song “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac, released as part of their album “Tango in the Night” in 1987, portrays a narrative of a troubled relationship coming to an end.

In the lyrics, the singer expresses a desire to turn back time and rearrange things, hoping to believe in the relationship for just one more day. However, the reality is that the relationship is falling apart, and the painful truth is hard to bear.

The singer implores his lover to tell “sweet little lies” to make the situation more bearable, even though he understands that this can’t continue forever.

He acknowledges that they’re “better off apart,” but for the time being, he seeks comfort in the little lies that provide temporary relief from the painful truth, as he desperately sings, “Tell me, tell me, tell me lies.”

7. “Lyin’ Eyes” By Eagles

The Eagles’ 1975 song “Lyin’ Eyes” tells a poignant story of a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage with an older, wealthy man. She seeks solace and excitement in the arms of a younger lover, but she hides her infidelity behind lies.

Despite her deceitful words, the husband can see the truth in her eyes, which reveal her unfaithfulness, as expressed in lines like “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes, And your smile is a thin disguise.”

As the song continues, it becomes clear that the woman is torn between her desire for the passionate love she shares with her lover and the security and wealth provided by her husband. She goes back and forth between the two worlds, leaving her lover with a promise to return while pouring herself a drink and contemplating her choices.

8. “Beautiful Liar” By Beyoncé And Shakira

In the song “Beautiful Liar” by Beyoncé and Shakira, the lyrics, such as “He kissed me, his one and only, (yes) beautiful liar,” depict a situation where two women have discovered that they are involved with the same man, who has been deceitful and played them both. 

The song opens with Beyoncé and Shakira expressing their frustration at being deceived by the man, who had told each of them that they were worth it and his one desire.

Despite their initial shock and anger, the women decide that it’s not worth engaging in conflict over this unfaithful man. They choose to put the episode behind them, finding humor in the situation and realizing that they can live without him.

They leave it to karma to deal with the man’s dishonesty and betrayal, as expressed in lines like “let’s not kill the karma, (Ay) let’s not start a fight.”

9. “Liar” By Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night’s song “Liar” delves into the heartbreak caused by someone who makes empty promises. The lyrics, such as “I won’t ever leave, You want me to stay, Nothin’ you could do, That could turn me away,” describe a lover who repeatedly assures the singer of her unwavering commitment, saying she won’t ever leave and will stay by his side.

However, these declarations turn out to be lies, leaving the singer feeling like a fool for believing her, as seen in lines like “Ain’t that what you said? Ain’t that what you said? Ain’t that what you said? Liar, Liar, liar.”

The song reflects the universal experience of feeling hurt and betrayed by someone who claimed to love and never leave, only to break those promises.

10. “You Lie” By The Band Perry

The Band Perry’s song “You Lie,” from their 2011 debut album, tells the story of a woman who has discovered her lover’s deceit and unfaithfulness.

The lyrics, such as “They tried to warn me, They said that you were ornery, So don’t bring me those big brown eyes and tell me that you’re sorry,” depict the singer’s frustration and resentment towards her untruthful partner. She compares him to various objects, from a priceless Persian rug to a coon dog basking in the sunshine, emphasizing how naturally and effortlessly he lies.

The song ends with a resigned acceptance that the partner’s lying is part of who he is, and there is no hope for change, as expressed in lines like “Because you lie like a priceless Persian rug on a rich man’s floor, You lie like a coon dog basking in the sunshine on my porch, It just comes so dang natural to you, The way you lie.”

11. “Lie” By NF

In NF’s song “Lie,” the singer expresses his confusion and frustration with his ex-partner’s lies after their breakup. He starts by saying, “I heard you told your friends that I’m just not your type.”

The lyrics highlight how his ex told her friends that he wasn’t her type and that he was controlling, but she contradicts herself through her actions, as he questions, “But how you gonna lie like that?”

Despite claiming she wanted distance, she continues to contact him. The singer addresses her immaturity and points out that she just wants attention, as seen in lines such as “Why you playin’ with my mind, huh?”

He emphasizes that he’s moved on and doesn’t have time for the drama, stating, “Told me we should let it go and put it all behind us, that’s what I did, now you askin’ me what I done.” The song conveys his frustration with his ex’s dishonesty and mixed signals.

12. “Pretty Liar” By Shania Twain

“Pretty Liar” by Shania Twain is a catchy song that explores the theme of deceit in a relationship and the strength to see through the lies and move on.

The song begins with the woman dancing through the door, trying to enjoy herself despite the knowledge that her partner is a liar. She closes her eyes, sings, and wears red to feel alive, but she can’t escape the feeling of pressure as he leans into her. She realizes that he’s a “pretty liar” who can lie effortlessly to get what he wants, as he whispers “I love you.”

The woman recognizes that the sweet words flowing from his mouth are insincere, and he’s about to kiss her while swearing there’s no one else in his heart.

However, she can see through his promises and knows that he’s lying, as expressed in lines like “I can see your pants are on fire, You’re such a fucking liar (such a fucking liar) (liar).”

13. “Sweetest Lie” By Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls’ song “Sweetest Lie” depicts a situation where the singer has been repeatedly lied to by his partner, who seems to be with someone else.

Despite the deception, the singer believes in a lie of his own – that his partner loves him as deeply as he loves her, singing, “Well you made me feel electric, every moment that we shared.”

However, the partner’s actions, such as wearing smeared lipstick from encounters with others, reveal the painful truth that she doesn’t truly care about the singer.

The singer reflects on the moments when he felt a strong connection and electricity with her partner, but those moments are overshadowed by the realization that it was all a facade.

Despite the pain and lies, the singer still longs for his partner and wishes for her love, with lines like, “Living the sweetest lie, c’mon baby give me love.”

14. “Liar” By Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello’s song “Liar” from her album Romance portrays a woman who had vowed not to fall in love again or get close to anyone due to past experiences. However, when she encounters a man who ignites a powerful attraction, she loses control of her emotions and desires, singing, “I said, I won’t lose control, I don’t want it,” but she can’t stop it.

The lyrics emphasize her inner conflict between her promise and her newfound feelings as she finds herself becoming a “liar” for not following her initial commitment to stay away from love.

The song captures the intensity and unpredictability of falling for someone despite one’s best intentions, with lines like, “Oh, no, there you go, making me a liar, I kinda like it though.”

15. “Liar” By Papa Roach

Papa Roach’s song “Liar,” featured on their 2022 album Ego Trip, delves into the struggles of the narrator who is torn apart by the act of lying.

The song describe how lying has taken a toll on him, and he desperately wants to confess the truth before more lies accumulate, as he sings, “Liar, liar your world’s on fire, take my secrets down to the water, ’cause I can’t keep them down any longer.”

The singer uses symbolism related to death, such as skeletons in a tomb, to convey the fear that his secrets won’t fit in his life. He contemplates making room by either telling the truth or letting his secrets flow away with the water.

The lyrics reflect the inner conflict of trying to maintain a facade of a “Mr. Nice Guy” while dealing with the consequences of deception. 

16. “Liar” By Lil Peep

In Lil Peep’s song “Liar,” featured on his posthumous album Everybody’s Everything released in 2019, the lyrics express frustration with individuals who tell lies.

The song addresses a person who is accused of lying, and Lil Peep questions why this person is being dishonest not only to him but also to a girl he used to be with and the general public, as he sings, “Why the fuck you lyin’ in the streets? Why the fuck you lyin’ to me?”

These lyrics may reference a situation involving rapper Blackbear, who accused Lil Peep of imitating his music style and dating his ex-girlfriend.

Lil Peep emphasizes his authenticity and the fact that he doesn’t tell lies, as he states, “That’s why I got respect, ’cause I ain’t a fuckin’ liar, boy.” 

17. “Fear Is A Liar” By Zach Williams

Zach Williams’ song “Fear Is A Liar,” featured on his 2016 album Chain Breaker, symbolically addresses the impact of fear.

In the lyrics, fear is personified as a deceptive force that tells people they are not good enough, not strong enough, unworthy, unloved, or not beautiful, as the singer expresses, “When he told you you’re not good enough, when he told you you’re not right.”

The singer emphasizes that these negative thoughts are all lies and should not be believed. Fear is portrayed as a thief that can steal one’s happiness and rob them of their peace, with lines like, “Fear he is a liar, he will rob your rest, steal your happiness.”

The song urges listeners to cast away their fears and find freedom from the lies fear tells, with lines like, “Cast your fear in the fire, ’cause fear he is a liar.”

18. “Liar” By Walker County

Walker County’s song “Liar,” featured on their 2021 album of the same name, explores the theme of someone lying about her feelings and reactions to a breakup.

The lyrics open with the singer vehemently denying that she misses or thinks about her former partner, as she sings, “I hate you I don’t think about you when, It’s been forever since you’ve crossed my mind.” She claims not to feel any pain or longing, even going so far as to say she prefers being alone.

Despite the singer’s bold declarations, it becomes evident that she’s lying to herself and everyone else, as she sings, “Everybody knows I’m a liar, I can’t help myself.” The lyrics reveal that the singer is putting on a false front and wearing a “poker face” to hide her true emotions.

She openly admits to being a liar and acknowledge that she’s trying to deceive her own heart into believing that everything is fine.

19. “Favorite Liar” By The Wrecks

The Wrecks’ song “Favorite Liar” explores the bittersweet emotions of looking back on a past relationship and remembering the good times, despite acknowledging the flaws and deceptions within it.

The lyrics convey the singer’s desire to spend one more night with his former girlfriend and wake up beside her, even though he recognizes her as a liar, or their “favorite liar,” as expressed in the lines, “But that don’t change that you’re a liar, a liar, hold yourself up higher and higher.”

Throughout the song, there are reminiscences of weekends and moments shared together, along with the conflicts that arose. Despite the challenges, there’s a yearning to relive those moments one more time.

20. “Liar” By Davina Michelle

Davina Michelle’s song “Liar” serves as a poignant anthem for those deeply affected by their loved one’s lies and betrayal. The lyrics appear to be a message from the singer to the man who has caused her immense pain.

Despite her unwavering efforts and devotion to him, he chose to deceive her and build a life with someone else, leaving her to question her worthiness of such suffering.

The lyrics express her initial belief in the possibility of change, but ultimately she realizes the futility of her hope, as she sings, “Liar, liar, liar, I did everything you pleased, But I had to be deceived, You built a home without me.”

While the singer acknowledges the liar’s pleas for mercy, she decides to move forward and heal, as expressed in the lines, “And after all you put me through, I can only see you as a Liar, liar, liar, I did everything you pleased, And I don’t wanna hear your speech, And it’s only cause I’m leaving.”

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