20 Songs About Social Media

Technology has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and one big part of that change is social media.

Things are changing even faster now. Mobile technology, in particular, has made social media even more influential. People all over the world spend most of their online time on mobile devices. This means we can connect with others wherever and whenever we want, using any device.

Some songwriters and musicians have made songs about social media and how it affects our lives.

In this playlist, we’ve listed 20 songs that are all about social media.

20 Songs About Social Media

1. “The Social Media Song” by Shimona Kee

“The Social Media Song” by Shimona Kee emphasize the power of social media in bringing people closer together. She mentions that even though she was once a stranger, she now feels connected because she reads and hears about the other person’s life online.

She emphasizes that it doesn’t matter if the other person doesn’t reply, as she believes they are friends now, singing, “You always say good morning, hello, and bye; I know where you go, how you feel, and why.”

The lyrics also highlight the role of various social media platforms like Google Plus, Flickr, and Spotify, suggesting that putting one’s life on the web can help connect with like-minded people and have a good time, as she sings, “Google Plus, Flickr, Spotify; so many out there for you to try; put your life on the web, and you will find like-minded people all have a good time.”

In the end, the lyrics encourage the other person to continue using social media as a way to get closer, suggesting that subscribing and staying connected online can strengthen their newfound connection, singing, “So go on and… that’s the way to get closer, you see; We used to be strangers, but now that won’t be if you subscribe and get back to me.”

2. “The Tired Influencer” by Gorillaz

“The Tired Influencer” is a song that delves into the daily struggles of content creators in Los Angeles, painting a picture of a world where the city’s facade is as cracked as a social media screen.

The lyrics depict a landscape where white blooms above the city, mirroring the filtered images that dominate social media feeds. The mention of catching the sunrise and the freeway glowing alludes to the Instagram-worthy moments that influencers constantly seek to capture and share with their followers. Gorillaz sings, “It’s a cracked screen world/Where white blooms above the city (I’m sorry)/Catch sunrise and the freeway glows.”

In the lines “Every day, the tired influencer (I didn’t get that, could you try again?)/Ain’t sleeping deep/Waiting for an answer,” the tired influencer is portrayed as someone who can’t sleep deeply, constantly waiting for answers and validation in a world where nothing feels real anymore.

3. “No Social Media” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg

“No Social Media” is a song by American hip-hop artists Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, released in 2015. The lyrics talk about their desire to disconnect from social media and enjoy a private, offline moment with someone they’re interested in.

In the lyrics, he expresses a wish to be with a girl without the distractions of social media, emphasizing that he wants to “fuck with you with no social media” and take her to a private place where they can enjoy each other’s company “with no social media.”

The song underlines the idea that life can be more meaningful and genuine when it’s not constantly influenced by social media and the internet.

4. “Wannabe” by Logic

“Wannabe” by Logic, from his album “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” explores the theme of desiring fame and the pressures of social media in the music industry.

In the lyrics, Logic expresses a strong desire to be famous and questions why he hasn’t achieved it yet, while highlighting the impact of social media, singing, “That social media shit is a contest, if I ain’t winnin’ then I am depressed.”

Logic mentions other celebrities like Kanye and YG who have found success in the industry and how he aspired to reach their level of fame when he started his career.

He also touches on the negative aspects of fame, such as the constant need for validation on social media and the toll it takes on one’s mental health.

5. “Internet” by Post Malone

In the song “Internet” by Post Malone, the lyrics express frustration with the internet and social media culture. The song was leaked online on September 15, 2018, and it contains references to how people on Instagram focus on showing off their bodies rather than other things.

Post Malone talks about feeling paranoid that his music might get leaked on the web and mentions the attention he gets from women. He also mentions the negative impact of the internet on society, with lines like “Takin’ a photo and postin’ that shit” highlighting the obsession with posting pictures on social media.

The chorus emphasizes a desire to avoid the internet and its distractions, with lines like “If ignorance is bliss, then don’t wake me up” suggesting a longing for a simpler, more peaceful life away from the online world.

6. “Dear Society” by Madison Beer

In the song “Dear Society” by Madison Beer, she expresses her struggles with the negative impact of social media and society’s expectations on her life.

The lyrics highlight self-destructive behavior caused by the constant exposure to the internet and the pressures of conforming to societal standards.

Madison feels overwhelmed, as if she’s on the brink of breaking down, as she sings lines like “My daily dose of internet” and “Diets that I shouldn’t try, feels like social suicide,” underscoring the influence of social media on her struggles.

7. “Baby, I’m Jealous” by Bebe Rexha

“Baby, I’m Jealous” is a song by Bebe Rexha featuring Doja Cat. It was released in 2020 as the lead single from Bebe Rexha’s album “Better Mistakes.” The song talks about the struggles in a relationship caused by social media, specifically Instagram.

In the lyrics, Bebe Rexha expresses her feelings of insecurity and jealousy when she sees her boyfriend liking other women’s photos online, singing, “All it takes is a girl above me, on your timeline to make me nothing.” 

Doja Cat’s verse adds a playful twist to the song, where she talks about not being bothered by the situation and emphasizes that she’s a confident woman.

8. “New Friend Request” by Gym Class Heroes

“New Friend Request” by Gym Class Heroes is a song that tells a story about a person’s online interaction and longing for a connection with someone he met on MySpace, a social media platform that was popular in the mid-2000s.

The song begins with the singer reminiscing about the first time he saw the person he’s interested in. His friend Tom introduced them, but the narrator was initially too shy to approach. Eventually, he summoned the courage to send a message, but the recipient of the message didn’t respond right away, leaving the singer wondering, “You made it clear you weren’t just another MySpace mistress.”

After weeks of waiting for a response, the person finally replied with an urgent message: “When I got a message from you that was labeled urgent/You said that you weren’t impressed by lame dudes with no game.”

In the end, the singer expresses anticipation and longing to be accepted as her friend on MySpace. He sings, “So click approve, so simple/Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move.

9. “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers

“#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers is a song released in 2014 that tells the story of a young woman at a club who is obsessed with taking selfies and posting them on her Instagram. 

The lyrics capture her narcissism as she critiques others and discusses her love/hate relationship with Jason, with lines like “Let me take a selfie” and “I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes.”

10. “The Social Media Apps Rap Battle” by Kyle Exum

In “The Social Media Apps Rap Battle” by Kyle Exum, the lyrics are a playful and competitive exchange between different social media apps, each boasting about their strengths and taking jabs at each other.

TikTok kicks off the rap battle by calling out another app as a snitch and boasting about its popularity, saying, “TikTok ain’t with the chitchat, heard you’re ducking me like a bitmoji.”

Snapchat responds by challenging TikTok and suggesting that TikTok’s users are mostly kids. Snapchat makes fun of TikTok’s drama and calls it “TikToxic,” implying it spreads negativity, saying, “TikTok you’re just KidsBop with clickbait on top.”

YouTube enters the rap battle confidently, stating that it’s the platform to reckon with. It criticizes the other apps for stealing features and being less original, saying, “Stealing features, got your Dad’s genetics, even make-up apps can’t fix that imperfection.”

11. “We’re Dead” By Francobollo

The song “We’re Dead” by the Swedish indie rock band Francobollo addresses the negative impact of digital addiction and excessive use of social media. 

 The lyrics suggest that people feel the need to be online all the time, even when they are bored, because “everybody knows that you’re supposed to be online (all the time).” This constant presence on digital platforms can be draining.

The song points out that staring at screens and creating online personas can lead to a lack of genuine human connections, as seen in the line “Pretty little bubbles we create to sing our song.” People may prioritize their online lives over real-life interactions.

The reference to “Save yourself the trouble aim for double the amount, whatever you have seen you know the meaning when they shout” may symbolize the desire for validation and approval on social media. Many people seek likes and comments as a form of validation.

While acknowledging the problems of digital addiction, the song also encourages listeners to wake up and focus on what lies ahead, suggesting that there’s still time to change our habits and “lay our focus on what’s yet to come.”

12. “Selfies” by Nina Nesbitt

“Selfies” is a song by the Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. It was released on 7 February 2014 as the lead single from her debut album “Peroxide.”

The lyrics of “Selfies” describe a person who is feeling hurt and rejected after a breakup. She sits in her bedroom, contemplating how to change the mind of their ex-lover who has walked out on them. To cope with the pain, the person starts taking selfies, carefully posing and adjusting the lighting to look their best. 

The lines “Taking pictures of myself, self self/Guess I’m reaching out to be assured/All I wanted was to be adored,” reflect the person’s desire for assurance and adoration, as well as her frustration at being labeled as vain by her ex. The act of taking selfies becomes a way for her to seek validation and express her feelings.

13. “New Man” by Ed Sheeran

“New Man” is a song by the English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, released in 2017 as part of his third studio album titled “÷” (Divide). 

In the lyrics, Sheeran reflects on an ex-partner’s new boyfriend. He mentions various traits and habits of the new man, like his expensive taste in jeans, frequent gym visits, choice of footwear, dietary choices, grooming habits, and music preferences.

In the lines “I’m just keeping it real, still looking at your Instagram and I’ll be creeping a little,” Sheeran notes how he’s still keeping tabs on his ex-partner’s life through social media.

However, Sheeran acknowledges that the new man seems to make his ex-partner happy, which he accepts.

14. “Instagram” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

“Instagram” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the lyrics express a sense of independence and self-confidence. The singer talks about his luxurious lifestyle, including owning a black Ferrari and having a house in the hills of LA.

However, he makes it clear that he doesn’t need someone to take care of them or make plans for them. He emphasize that he doesn’t care about social media or Instagram fame, stating, “Who the hell do you think I am? I don’t give a fuck about your Instagram.”

The song underscores his identity and independence, asserting that he’s not the type of person to be swayed by someone’s online persona or popularity.

15. “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” by The 1975

“If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” is a song by the English band the 1975, featured on their fourth studio album, “Notes on a Conditional Form,” released in 2020. 

In the lyrics, the singer talks about his fascination with a woman he met on social media. In the lines “I see her online all the time/I’m trying not to stare down there,” the singer mentions how he frequently sees her online and is drawn to her, even though he tries not to be too obvious.

Despite their online interaction, the singer finds it challenging to express his true feelings, often saying things he doesn’t mean.

16. “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” by Soulja Boy

In the song “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” by Soulja Boy featuring Sammie, the lyrics express a longing for a loved one who is not physically present. The singer expresses his desire to be with the person he misses and to share a kiss, even though he cannot be together at the moment.

The song alludes to the importance of staying connected through the internet and social media, as he mentions staying in touch through phone calls and text messages, singing, “You could be my wife, text me, call me.”

17. “Erase Your Social” by Lil Uzi Vert

In “Erase Your Social” by Lil Uzi Vert, the rapper talks about his success and how people used to doubt him.

He mentions that he now has money and attention from girls, with lines like “I don’t want that girl ’cause she want me ’cause the cash on me” and “Instagram, I’ll bag ya hoe.”

He also touches on his preference for Twitter and Instagram over Snapchat, finding them less personal, as he says, “I ain’t got no Snapchat homie, I think it’s too personal, that’s what I got Twitter for, Instagram I’ll bag ya hoe.”

18. “selfie#theinternetisforever” by Brad Paisley

In the song “selfie#theinternetisforever” by Brad Paisley, he humorously criticizes people who are obsessed with their phones, social media, and taking selfies at inappropriate moments.

For instance, Paisley mentions someone taking a selfie at their grandmother’s open casket funeral while wearing a suit and sunglasses. He sings, “You take your iPhone out and snap it, #sadday/You oughta be ashamed.”

Paisley emphasizes that such selfies should be deleted and not shared on social media because once something is on the internet, it stays there forever.

19. “Going Ghost” by YourBoySponge

“Going Ghost” by YourBoySponge express the artist’s frustration with social media and the superficiality of online interactions.

Lines like “I am so sick of social media, it’s a shame” and “No more social media posts, no more social media hosts, I’m going ghost” reflect the artist’s desire to disconnect from social media and the constant need for validation from others.

The song emphasizes the downsides of social media, such as the obsession with likes and comments, and encourages us to find real connections with people. 

20. “The Chapeltown Rag” by Slipknot

“The Chapeltown Rag” by Slipknot, released on November 5, 2021, as the first single from their album “The End, So Far,” explores the issue of how social media manipulates information.

The song’s lyrics depict the distortion of truth and the rapid spread of false information in the online realm. Lines like “Everything is God online, and it’s as evil as it gets” reflect the dark side of the internet. The singer warns that how when everything is presented online as godlike, it diminishes the value of truth and authenticity.

In a world where information is constantly flowing, the song calls for a critical examination of what’s presented on social media platforms and the need to resist manipulation.

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