20 Songs About Surrender

In everyday conversation, “surrender” is often equated with failure. According to the Oxford Dictionary, without an object, surrender means to “stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.” With an object, it gets even more challenging: “Give up or hand over (a person, right, or possession), typically on compulsion or demand.”

But how can surrender be the key to joy?

Consider figures like Martin Luther King Jr., the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa—these were happy warriors. Their infectious optimism won people over to their cause, rooted in accepting reality and immediately moving on to the “how do we change this?” phase. They began by surrendering.

When you accept what life throws at you, you avoid the negativity of rejection and maintain your peace. From this peaceful state, you can make a positive impact.

“Surrender” is a powerful theme in music, allowing artists to explore various emotions. Whether it’s surrendering to love, letting go of control, or yielding to a powerful force, songs about surrender can be compelling and resonant.

In this playlist, we’ve compiled a list of 20 songs about surrender.

20 Songs About Surrender

1. “Surrender” by Natalie Taylor

“Surrender” by Natalie Taylor is a moving song filled with genuine emotion and meaningful lyrics. Taylor’s heartfelt singing expresses the pain of a broken relationship, evident in lines like “We let the waters rise, we drifted to survive,” portraying the challenges faced.

The recurring question “My love, where are you?” underscores the desire for connection. The song’s central theme of surrender is powerfully conveyed through the lines “Can we, can we surrender? I surrender,” reflecting vulnerability and a willingness to reconcile.

The heartfelt plea becomes even more intense with “No one will win this time, I just want you back,” revealing the song’s core message of love triumphing over obstacles.

2. “Never Surrender” by Skillet

Skillet’s “Never Surrender” speaks honestly about internal struggles and resilience. The lyrics tell a story of avoiding self-confrontation, longing for change, and battling inner demons.

The singer yearns for improvement, pleading, “I don’t wanna feel like this tomorrow, I don’t wanna live like this today.”

The chorus becomes a rallying cry against surrender, declaring, “Make me feel better, you make me feel better, stay with me here now and never surrender.”

This song resonates with the universal theme of overcoming challenges and finding inner strength.

3. “I Surrender All” by Amy Grant

“I Surrender All” by Amy Grant is a heartfelt rendition of the classic Christian hymn, originally penned by Judson W. Van DeVenter. Grant’s rendition, with its contemporary touch, brings new life to the timeless lyrics.

The hymn reflects Van DeVenter’s personal struggle and ultimate surrender to the call of evangelistic work. Grant’s emotive delivery emphasizes the theme of yielding to Jesus Christ, as expressed in the lyrics:

“All to Jesus I surrender

At Thy feet I humbly bow

Worldly pleasures all forsaken

Take me, Jesus, take me now

I surrender all, I surrender all

All to Thee my blessed Savior

I surrender all”

These verses convey the hymn’s core message, urging believers to let go of worldly attachments and fully submit to the divine.

4. “Surrender” by Kut Klose

“Surrender” by Kut Klose, featured in their 1995 album of the same name, is a sultry R&B gem primarily produced by mentor Keith Sweat. Released through Elektra Records, the album attained moderate commercial success, reaching number 66 on the Billboard 200.

The track’s lyrics exude sensuality, encouraging us not to shy away from our emotions. Lines like “I’ll make you surrender to my loving, baby” underscore the song’s theme of passionate surrender to love. The repetition of phrases such as “come on baby” and “I’ll make you surrender” creates an assertive, seductive atmosphere.

This track, with its smooth ’90s R&B sound, captures the romantic feel of that time, making it a standout in Kut Klose’s repertoire.

5. “Surrender” by Kylie Minogue

“Surrender” by Kylie Minogue is a song that expresses feelings of love, passion, and the desire to be together. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and the willingness to give oneself completely to a romantic partner. The repeated refrain of “I surrender my love to you” emphasizes the theme of yielding to love and committing to a lasting connection. The lyrics also mention exploring forbidden passions together, suggesting a sense of excitement and intensity in the relationship.

The repeated invitation to “come to me” and the imagery of holding hands and riding together create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. The phrase “not just for one night but forever” reinforces the idea of a lasting and committed love.

Overall, the lyrics of “Surrender” reflect the emotional aspects of love, passion, and the desire for a deep, enduring connection.

6. “Stop When the Red Light Flashes” by Green Day

“Stop When the Red Light Flashes” by Green Day convey a sense of aggression, rebellion, and a desire for control. The repeated lines about making someone surrender suggest a power dynamic and a willingness to assert dominance. The mention of “ultra-violence” and trading “blood for dirty cash” adds to the edgy and confrontational tone of the song.

The reference to “red lights flash” could symbolize warning signs or danger, and the directive to “stop” in that context may signify a call to halt or pay attention. The line “Life in the catacombs, you make me feel like I’m at home” could imply a sense of comfort or familiarity in darker or unconventional aspects of life.

Overall, the lyrics depict a raw and intense perspective, exploring themes of control, rebellion, and a willingness to confront discomfort.

7. “Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlan

“Sweet Surrender” is Sarah McLachlan’s touching second single from the 1997 album “Surfacing,” which explores reflection and vulnerability. It reached number two in Canada and 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

The lyrics deeply acknowledge a past life and a lost faith, summed up by the line: “And sweet surrender is all that I have to give.”This phrase captures the song’s core, expressing a profound readiness to yield.

McLachlan’s soulful delivery and emotive lyrics, such as “You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me” and “I miss everything about you,” take us on a deep dive into the complexities of human emotions and the acceptance of life’s uncertainties.

8. “Surrender to Love” by Laura Pasini

“Surrender to Love” by Laura Pasini express a profound sense of vulnerability and openness to the overwhelming power of love. The song talks about being unable to deny the feelings one has for another person and the realization that love has changed one’s perceptions and beliefs.

The chorus, particularly the lines “I raise my hands and I surrender,” emphasizes the surrendering to the strength of love, acknowledging its impact and the inability to resist its influence. The lyrics highlight the transformative nature of love, how it breaks down defenses, and how it can make someone feel stronger yet vulnerable at the same time.

The repetition of the phrase “I surrender” throughout the song signifies acceptance and letting go of resistance, ultimately embracing the love and the emotions it brings forth.

9. “Surrender” by Diana Ross

“Surrender” by Diana Ross, from her 1971 album, reflects the singer’s collaboration with Ashford & Simpson. The lyrics capture the essence of unmet emotional needs, pleading for withheld affection: “I want the love that you deny me, That I need so desperately.”

The song conveys a sense of yearning and heartache: “Don’t you know that you must erase, All the tear stains on my face?” Ross expresses a desire for reciprocity and justice in love: “And these are some of the charges, You’ll be found guilty of.”

The repetitive refrain, “Surrender your love, baby,” reinforces the plea for emotional surrender and connection, making the song a soulful exploration of unfulfilled love.

10. “No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen

“No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen, a stirring anthem from the album “Born in the U.S.A.,” encapsulates the spirit of youthful defiance and unwavering camaraderie. Initially included at the insistence of Steven Van Zandt, the song, though not a top-ten hit, resonated with its powerful message.

Bursting with energy, Springsteen’s lyrics declare, “Well, we made a promise we swore we’d always remember, No retreat, baby, no surrender.” The verses vividly depict a longing for freedom and the timeless desire to break free from the ordinary.

With its anthemic chorus and verses celebrating escape from conformity, “No Surrender” remains a rallying cry for resilience and unity, immortalized in lines like “Blood brothers in the stormy night with a vow to defend.”

The song’s prominence surged during the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign when John Kerry adopted it as his theme, underscoring its enduring relevance.

11. “Surrender” by Cheap Trick

“Surrender” by Cheap Trick is a classic rock anthem from the late 1970s. The song’s lyrics reflect a generational gap and the tension between parents and their teenage children. 

The chorus, with its catchy repetition of “Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away,” adds a rebellious and defiant tone to the song. The repeated phrase may convey the idea of holding onto one’s identity and not succumbing to societal expectations or parental pressures.

12. “Surrender To Me” by Boston

Boston’s “Surrender To Me” is a catchy tune exploring relationship dynamics. It’s about the singer’s fascination with a girl who adds challenge and unpredictability to their relationship. The chorus, “Surrender to me, Surrender to me all the way,” stresses the desire for complete commitment.

The lyrics express the singer’s yearning for the girl to fully embrace the relationship. The lines “Somehow, I don’t believe you, I really need you” show a struggle between doubt and a strong emotional longing.

In essence, the repeated plea to surrender in the chorus captures the song’s main theme—an emotional back-and-forth within the relationship.

13. “Surrender” by Billy Talent

“Surrender” by Billy Talent, from their album “Billy Talent II” in 2007, is about unrequited love and missed chances. The song’s lyrics, along with its music video directed by Phil Harder, tell a story of longing for a connection that seems out of reach.

Lines like “every word, every thought, every sound, every touch, every smile, every frown” show how deeply vulnerable the emotions are. The theme of surrender runs through the song, embracing the complexities of love.

It’s a heartfelt exploration of yearning and the complexity of affection as the protagonist worries about missing their moment. 

14. “Surrender” by Gloria Estefan

“Surrender” by Gloria Estefan is a heartfelt plea for emotional transparency and intimacy. In this captivating song, Estefan invites a loved one to share her deepest thoughts and fears, urging him to surrender to the vulnerability of love.

The lyrics poignantly express the desire to break down emotional barriers and build a genuine connection. Lines like “Don’t be afraid, a little tiny bit can go a long, long way” convey the importance of openness in relationships.

With a blend of sincerity and passion, Estefan sings about the profound connection that comes from baring one’s soul and surrendering to love.

15. “Remember December” by Demi Lovato

“Remember December” by Demi Lovato, released as the second single from her album “Here We Go Again” in 2010, is an emotional exploration of a troubled relationship.

The lyrics convey a sense of impending separation, with the singer expressing a desire for the preservation of love amidst challenges.

Notably, the repeated refrain “Don’t surrender, surrender, surrender” emphasizes the plea to resist giving in to external pressures or impending doom. Lovato’s words paint a vivid picture of romantic struggles, using the metaphor of snowfall and memories of love.

16. “No Surrender” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

“No Surrender” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is a strong anthem about standing strong in tough times. The lyrics tell a story of facing challenges, surviving, and refusing to give up. The artists vividly describe urban life, tackling issues like police oppression and street dangers. The repeated “No surrender” mantra encourages listeners to stay resilient amid chaos.

The verses paint a picture of evading the law, engaging in crime, and staying committed to survival. Lines like “Me no surrender, don’t make me put one in ya” show a bold resistance against oppression.

17. “I Surrender” by Michael Bolton

“I Surrender” by Michael Bolton is a powerful anthem exploring the complexities of love’s surrender. The lyrics vividly capture the tug-of-war between reason and passion, with lines like “A million miles beyond the voice of reason.” Bolton vulnerably admits, “Heartache shatters loves’ innocence, my trusting days are through.”

The song reaches its peak with lines such as “You got the key to my destiny, babe, I’m just a willing slave,” symbolizing the complete surrender to love’s irresistible allure. Bolton’s confession, “Here I am trying to hold back the ocean, drowning in the sea of desire,” expresses how futile it is to resist against the overwhelming force of love.

Ultimately, the singer chose to surrender, singing, “Take control of my heart. I give up; I give in.” This paints a vivid picture of yielding to the all-encompassing power of genuine love.

18. “Surrender” by U2

“Surrender” by U2 is a song that delves into the complexities of urban life and personal struggles. The track, released in 1983 on the album “War,” encapsulates the yearning and challenges faced within the cityscape. The lyrics vividly paint a picture of the city’s allure and the internal conflicts of its inhabitants.

The song opens with the city depicted as a vibrant and dazzling place, alive with both passion and deceit:

“Oh, the city’s alight with lovers and lies

Bright blue eyes

Oh, the city is bright

It’s brighter than day tonight

Surrender, surrender

Surrender, surrender”

Throughout the song’s chorus, the repetition of “Surrender, surrender” emphasizes the theme of yielding to the complexities of life. It hints at the idea that finding meaning might involve relinquishing control or preconceived notions.

19. “I Surrender” by Celine Dion

“I Surrender” by Celine Dion is a touching ballad that beautifully captures the essence of love and vulnerability. The lyrics express a deep yearning to fully embrace love, symbolized by the willingness to surrender everything. Celine Dion’s powerful vocals convey intense emotions, turning the song into a heartfelt declaration.

The lyrics, “I’d surrender everything to feel the chance to live again,” highlight the theme of giving up inhibitions for love. The lines, “A thousand dreams I still believe, I’d make you give them all to me,” reveal a profound desire for a shared and fulfilled future.

“I Surrender” with its expressive words and soul-stirring melody remains a timeless anthem of passionate and unconditional love.

20. “Surrender Your Groove” by Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell’s “Surrender Your Groove” explores a world of love and surrender. The opening lines, “Baby, I can feel your thunder, Butterflies on your shoulder,” set the stage for emotional intensity.

The recurring plea to “Surrender your groove” emphasizes the call for wholehearted immersion in the experience of love. The chorus celebrates this surrender, encouraging us to embrace and share our “super love.”

Halliwell uses poetic imagery, describing the feeling of being lit up “like a firefly” and dancing “out on the high wire” to capture the excitement and transcendence of love. The closing lines extend the theme, urging the surrender not only of the heart but also of the soul and mind.

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