20 Songs About The Sun And Sunshine

We love the sun! It makes everything better, right? When it’s sunny, going outside feels awesome. Your skin looks great, and you just feel more alive. And now that things are getting back to normal, the sun adds an extra spring to our step.

Songs often talk about how amazing sunshine is—it’s like a symbol for happiness and good vibes. It makes us feel hopeful and happy.

In this playlist, we have 20 songs all about the sun. They’re super uplifting and paint a cool picture of how awesome the sun is in our lives.

20 Songs About The Sun And Sunshine

1. “Sunshine” by Matisyahu

Matisyahu’s “Sunshine” is a feel-good song that combines reggae and pop, spreading a positive message about overcoming challenges.

With its upbeat rhythm and meaningful lyrics like “Reach for the sky, keep your eye on the prize” and “Forever by my side, you’re my golden sunshine,” the song reflects the artist’s journey through tough times.

It uses the metaphor of sunshine to represent resilience and hope in the face of life’s difficulties.

2. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

“Here Comes the Sun,” a timeless composition by George Harrison of the Beatles, is a radiant expression of warmth and optimism. This uplifting song, released on the 1969 album Abbey Road, joyously celebrates the arrival of spring after a long, cold winter. Harrison wrote the lyrics during a retreat at Eric Clapton’s country house, finding solace from the band’s business pressures.

The opening lines, ‘Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun,’ capture the essence of the song’s buoyant spirit. With its melodic charm and poetic lyrics, the song beautifully conveys the joy of renewal symbolized by the sun breaking through the clouds.

3. “Walking On Sunshine” By Katrina And The Waves

“Walking on Sunshine” is like a burst of positivity, a lively anthem by Katrina and the Waves that perfectly captures the excitement of falling in love. The catchy melody and lyrics reflect the joy of soaking up the sun.

When you hear lines like “I’m walking on sunshine, wooah,” it’s like a vivid portrayal of pure happiness, mirroring the warmth and brightness of a sunny day.

Kimberley Rew’s composition radiates optimism, overcoming the band’s initial uncertainties. The upbeat chorus and energetic rhythm make it impossible not to join in and revel in its infectious happiness.

4. “You Are My Sunshine” By Johnny Cash

“You Are My Sunshine” is a timeless gem in American old-time country music, blending love and heartache. Despite disputed authorship between Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell, the song has global acclaim, with over 350 recorded versions and translations into 30 languages.

The lyrics vividly depict emotional highs and lows, capturing the complexities of relationships. The iconic chorus, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray,” resonates universally, using the sun as a metaphor for happiness.

Published in 1940, the song’s enduring popularity is highlighted by its inclusion in CMT’s 100 Greatest Songs in Country Music.

5. “Ain’t No Sunshine” By Bill Withers

Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” from 1971, captures heartache with its soulful melody and lyrics. It paints a vivid picture of missing someone deeply, repeating the haunting line, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.”

Withers compares her absence to the lack of sunlight, symbolizing warmth and light. His soul-stirring voice carries the weight of the emotions, making the song unforgettable.

The simple yet powerful lyrics, paired with the moving melody, create a profound musical experience. With his resigned admission, “I know, I know, I know,” Withers adds a touch of acceptance to the heartfelt story.

6. “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” By Pink Floyd

“Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” by Pink Floyd, off their 1968 album “A Saucerful of Secrets,” takes you on a mesmerizing trip about the sun’s symbolism.

Roger Waters’ lyrics are poetic, talking about dawn, sunshine, and exploring the cosmos. Lines like “Little by little the night turns around” show the gradual sunrise, and “Over the mountain watching the watcher” paints a vivid image of the sun everywhere.

The repeated phrase “Set the controls for the heart of the sun” acts like a hypnotic guide through a psychedelic journey, mirroring sunlight’s transforming power.

7. “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” By Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s 1973 hit, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” is a beautiful song about lasting love and happiness.

In the lyrics, he compares his loved one to the sun, calling them “the sunshine of my life” and “the apple of my eye.” The song’s catchy tune and Wonder’s amazing harmonica playing perfectly express the feeling of a love that never fades.

It won a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and remains beloved because it captures the brightness of the sun, just like the uplifting power of a deep connection.

8. “Sunshine On My Shoulders” By John Denver

“Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver is a timeless track that celebrates the magic of sunlight. In this iconic song, Denver’s heartfelt lyrics vividly express the desire for sunshine on gloomy days, capturing its emotional impact.

Lines like “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” and “Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry” highlight the deep connection between sunlight and our feelings.

The song beautifully depicts the yearning for warmth and brightness, illustrating how sunshine on water or in one’s eyes brings joy and a sense of elevation. It’s a poignant ode to the simple yet profound pleasure of basking in the sun’s glow.

9. “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” By Elton John

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John, written by Bernie Taupin, is a touching ballad that explores loneliness and self-reflection.

Released in 1974 on the “Caribou” album, the song’s heartfelt lyrics express a desire for connection and the fear of losing warmth and hope.

Elton’s strong vocals convey the emotional weight, especially in the impactful chorus: “Don’t let the sun go down on me.” This metaphorical plea represents a profound fear of losing everything meaningful, much like the emotional impact of the sun setting.

10. “Pocketful Of Sunshine” By Natasha Bedingfield

“Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield, released in 2008, is a song that beams with positivity. Its mix of dance-pop and adult contemporary vibes creates a sunny feel.

Bedingfield, along with Danielle Brisebois and John Shanks, penned lyrics that use the sun as a symbol of hope. The catchy chorus goes, “I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine,” capturing the essence of holding onto joy.

The song paints a picture of a peaceful place where rivers flow and darkness fades away, all under the comforting warmth of the sun.

11. “Soak Up The Sun” By Sheryl Crow

“Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow is like a cheerful ode to life’s little pleasures. In this upbeat anthem, Crow’s lyrics are all about staying positive, even when things get tough.

The song is like a burst of sunshine, capturing the idea of enjoying the good stuff in life. Lines like “I’m gonna soak up the sun” encourage us to take in the positive vibes and enjoy the moment.

Crow’s catchy music and lyrics send a strong message about being thankful and resilient, reminding us to appreciate what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t.

12. “Sunny Afternoon” By The Kinks

“Sunny Afternoon” by the Kinks, written by Ray Davies in 1966, is a timeless classic that fuses rock with a music hall vibe. The song delves into the tax challenges faced by an unsympathetic aristocrat.

Its iconic line, “Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon,” captures a paradoxical moment of financial despair amid the beauty of the day. The lyrics unfold the protagonist’s troubles – a lost yacht and a runaway girlfriend – with a blend of humor and resignation.

The sun-soaked imagery adds irony as the character navigates financial woes while basking in the warmth of a sunny afternoon.

13. “Brighter Than The Sun” By Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter than the Sun” beautifully captures the euphoria of falling in love. The sun becomes a metaphor for the intensity of emotions that come with a new relationship.

The singer compares her love interest to the brightness of the sun, emphasizing the radiance and positivity that this person brings into her life.

The song celebrates the idea that love can illuminate our lives even more brilliantly than the sun itself.

14. “Sunshine Of Your Love” By Cream

“Sunshine of Your Love,” a 1967 classic by the British rock band Cream, radiates with the warmth of a timeless musical embrace. Jack Bruce’s bass riff, born from the inspiration of a Jimi Hendrix concert, pulses throughout, while Eric Clapton’s iconic guitar work weaves a tapestry of hard rock and psychedelia.

The lyrics, penned by Pete Brown, evoke a poetic yearning for love under the sun. “It’s getting near dawn, when lights close their tired eyes,” sings the narrator, promising a dawn surprise and expressing the longing to bask in the “sunshine of your love.”

15. “In the Sun” By Joseph Arthur

“In the Sun” by Joseph Arthur, the second single from his album ‘Come to Where I’m From,’ takes listeners on a thoughtful exploration of faith and self-discovery.

The lyrics vividly depict someone in distress, reflecting on life under the sun, searching for solace, and wrestling with inner conflicts. Arthur’s contemplation of existence and doubt shines through in lines like, ‘I picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong,’ encapsulating the core of personal struggle.

The recurring refrain, ‘May gods love be with you always,’ expresses a longing for divine guidance.

16. “Black Hole Sun” By Soundgarden

“Black Hole Sun,” Soundgarden’s 1994 masterpiece from the album “Superunknown,” delves into the sun’s symbolic power amid dark introspection.

Penned by Chris Cornell, the lyrics paint a poignant picture: “Hides the face, lies the snake, and the sun in my disgrace.” These words encapsulate the thematic tension within the song, exploring deception and despair beneath the sun’s veneer.

The chorus, a haunting plea, “Black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain?” echoes a desire for cleansing and renewal. Blending grunge, alternative rock, and psychedelic influences, the song’s melodic brilliance complements Cornell’s soulful delivery.

17. “Island In The Sun” By Weezer

“Weezer’s ‘Island in the Sun’ is like a musical ticket to a sun-soaked paradise from their 2001 self-titled album.

Amidst the catchy ‘Hip hip’ chants, the lyrics create a vivid escape to an idyllic haven where golden seas and endless sunshine offer respite.

The singer expresses a deep desire to ‘run away together’ and ‘spend some time forever’ in a place where troubles cease to exist. This infectious melody, paired with an upbeat tempo, perfectly captures the essence of a carefree holiday.

‘Island in the Sun’ stands as a timeless ode to the warmth and freedom associated with sun-drenched retreats.

18. “Who Loves The Sun” By The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground’s “Who Loves the Sun,” sung by Doug Yule, delves into the aftermath of a broken romance set against the beauty of nature. This 1970 track from the “Loaded” album reflects on heartbreak through the metaphor of the sun.

The opening lines, “Who loves the sun? Who cares that it makes plants grow?” express a sense of disillusionment, questioning the importance of natural elements in the face of emotional pain.

The lyrics further contemplate the sun’s warmth and its indifference after heartbreak. Doug Yule’s vocals blend with the reflective tone and poignant lyrics, crafting a melancholic yet introspective melody.

19. “Sunshine” by OneRepublic

“OneRepublic’s ‘Sunshine,’ from their EP of the same name, is a lively anthem filled with positivity.

Featured as the theme for ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ (2021), the song celebrates the uplifting moments in life. Set in F major with a pulsating rhythm of 140 beats per minute, the lyrics convey a quest for positivity.

Frontman Ryan Tedder’s vocals croon the memorable line, ‘Throwin’ out the shade for a little bit of sunshine,’ encapsulating the track’s theme. The sun serves as a metaphor for joy and hope, with the lyrics urging listeners to chase ‘green lights’ and bask in the warmth of ‘good vibes.'”

20. “The Sound Of Sunshine” – Michael Franti and Spearhead

“The Sound of Sunshine” by Michael Franti & Spearhead is a joyful anthem released in 2010. Mixing reggae and pop, the song is all about feeling good.

Michael Franti’s unique voice delivers lyrics that paint a sunny picture of starting the day, turning challenges into opportunities, and finding comfort in friends.

The verses include moments like meeting his friend Bobby who’s looking for a bit of help, and the catchy refrain goes, “And that’s the sound of sunshine coming down.” It’s a tune that’s all about positive vibes and happy times.

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