13 Songs About Trucks And Trucking

Growing up, we all have those cherished memories associated with cars. Whether it’s reminiscing about our first car or the exhilarating road trips in a friend’s convertible, these experiences often symbolize our youthful adventures.

But then there are the truck enthusiasts. They forge unique connections with their rugged vehicles, finding joy in experiences like cruising down country roads, feeling the power of hauling heavy loads, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of tailgating with friends.

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of hitting the highway in a big rig or have a soft spot for the rumble of a diesel engine, you’ll appreciate this playlist of 13 incredible songs that capture the essence of trucking life. 

13 Songs About Trucks And Trucking

1. “Convoy” by C.W. McCall

In the 1970s, “Convoy” was a big hit in the world of trucking songs. It’s all about truckers sticking together like family. C.W. McCall tells the story of a group of truckers who refuse to give in to the cops. They use C.B. radios, which were super popular back then, to talk in secret code.

The song tells us that these truckers decide to protest by driving through toll gates. The cops try to catch them but struggle, so they call for backup from the National Guard.

Still, the convoy keeps going, sure that nothing can stop them. Eventually, they outsmart the cops and keep driving through the night, thanks to a reliable truck that’s their trusty steed. And as the song goes: “We rolled up Interstate 44 like a rocket sled on rails.”

2. “East Bound And Down” By Jerry Reed

This song, “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed, is famous for being all about trucking. It got its fame from the movie “Smokey and the Bandit,” released in 1977. The movie is about two bootleggers racing to deliver 400 cases of beer.

The song is about being in a hurry. The bootleggers have to get the beer to a party after a race, and they’re speeding and trying to avoid the police chasing them. They’re really determined to finish the job, no matter what.

Listening to this song will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of a scene from “Smokey and the Bandit.” And with lyrics like “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’ / A-we gonna do what they say can’t be done,” it really captures the trucker spirit.

3. “Truckin'” by Grateful Dead

In the 1960s, traveling was super popular. Grateful Dead captured this vibe in their song “Truckin’,” which came out in 1970 on their album American Beauty. This song marked a big moment for the band.

The lyrics talk about travelers who keep on “truckin’,” moving like the “Doodah Man” all over the country. They visit Chicago, New York, and Detroit, but everything starts looking the same. It gets annoying because these cities never give them a break. But that doesn’t stop them from hitting the road again. As they say, “Take Time – You Pick A Place To Go/ And Just Keep Truckin’ On.”

This song mirrors the band’s own experiences. They were constantly touring the country. Sometimes, it got dull, which is why they sing, “I’d Like To Get Some Sleep Before I Travel.”

4. “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” By Kip Moore

In 2011, Kip Moore dropped “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” a catchy tune celebrating young love in the countryside. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

The story revolves around a couple cozying up at the back of a pickup truck parked in a farmer’s field, sipping beer and stealing kisses behind the cornstalks. The singer hints at things heating up between them soon, including a late-night skinny-dipping session in a nearby creek.

One of the memorable lines from the song is, “Somethin’ ’bout a truck in a farmer’s field / A no trespass sign, and time to kill.” It captures the essence of the truck’s role in their romantic escapade.

The song’s main idea is how the truck plays cupid, making the girl swoon for the guy. It suggests that the magic of their night isn’t just luck; it’s all thanks to the truck.

5. “Brothers Of The Highway” By Tony Justice Ft. Aaron Tippin

“Brothers Of The Highway” is a song by Tony Justice featuring Aaron Tippin that celebrates truck drivers. It’s from an album with the same name released in 2016.

The song starts with a scene of a woman bidding farewell to a trucker driving in the rain. He’s one of the “brothers of the highway,” finding freedom in the open road. He travels where the wind blows, understanding the significance of his job for American industries.

In one part, the lyrics mention, “That Detroit diesel pirate ship goes rollin’ out again,” likening truckers to wandering pirates who are always on the move. The song ends with a heartfelt blessing for all truck drivers, emphasizing their importance with lines like “God Bless You / Brothers of the highway / Children of the wind.”

6. “I Drive Your Truck” By Lee Brice

This song by Lee Brice is all about a truck and some deep feelings. It’s a slow, emotional song that really pulls at your heartstrings. In the song, Brice pays tribute to soldiers who have passed away and the people they’ve left behind.

The singer in the song has lost his brother in a war. Instead of grieving like most people might, he deals with his emotions in his own way. He doesn’t visit his brother’s grave because he doesn’t feel closer to him there. He’s tried to cope with his grief by getting angry, praying, and trying to let go, but nothing seems to help.

Instead, he finds solace in driving his brother’s old truck. As Brice sings, “I drive your truck / I roll every window down / And I burn up / Every back road in this town,” he describes how he listens to the same country music station that his brother used to enjoy, and he takes the truck out for drives in the same fields they used to go to. He cries sometimes, but he knows his brother wouldn’t want him to.

The song has been a big success. It got a Platinum certification in the United States and reached the number one spot on the Billboard Country chart.

7. “Pickup Man” by Joe Diffie

“Pickup Man” by Joe Diffie is a song from the 1990s. It’s all about feeling cool while driving a pickup truck.

In the song, the singer tells us about his life as a pickup man. When he was three, he got a mini pickup truck and helped his neighbor move her bed. That’s when he realized that women are drawn to guys who drive pickups, as evident in the line “There’s just something women like about a Pickup Man.” Then, when he was 16, the Homecoming Queen asked for a ride in his truck.

As the song goes, “You can set my truck on fire, roll it down a hill / But I still wouldn’t trade it for a Coupe DeVille.” The singer says he’d never trade his truck, even if it was old or beat-up. Because no matter what, women seem to like guys who drive pickups.

8. “We Rode In Trucks” By Luke Bryan

Let’s talk about Luke Bryan’s song “We Rode In Trucks”. It’s all about his fond memories of growing up in his hometown, which he describes as “heaven on earth.”

In the song, Luke sings about living in a farm town and how much he loved it there. He talks about all the things he learned and experienced, but the standout memory for him is riding in trucks. As he says in the song, “Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.” It was a big part of their lifestyle, especially for work.

Even though this song only reached number 33 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart back in 2007, it’s still very special to Luke Bryan. It’s like a tribute to his roots and the place that shaped him.

9. “Make Me Wanna” By Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is a popular American country singer known for his love songs. One of his hits, “Make Me Wanna,” released in 2014, is all about carefree country love.

The song is great for couples who love cruising around together in trucks. It talks about a couple enjoying a late-night drive down back roads with the windows down, listening to country music on the radio. It sets the perfect vibe for a romantic late-night date.

In the song, the woman gives the man a look that makes him want to pull over the truck. He sings, “Pull this truck to the side of the road / Slide on over, let me hold you close and tell / You everything I’m thinking.”

The man is so moved by her gaze that he knows he’ll hold her close and pour out his feelings. And as the lyrics go, “Windows down, country sound, FM on the radio,” it captures the romantic moment of a truck ride under the stars.

10. “Truck Got Stuck” by Corb Lund

“Truck Got Stuck” by Corb Lund is a fun song about a town where trucks get stuck in the mud after a long-awaited rainstorm. It’s a lively tune that’ll bring a smile to your face.

In the song, Corb Lund talks about how the mud surprises everyone in the town, causing all the trucks to get stuck. Even when one truck tries to help another, they both end up stuck too.

The song mentions how the stuck trucks cause the truckers to miss out on important events. The biggest truck in town doesn’t lend a hand, which seems unfriendly to the neighbors. 

As Corb Lund sings, “Well it was truck after truck, we all got stuck/ ?cept the big old four by hutterite truck / We all thought ?lord are we in luck!? / But he wouldn?t come anywhere near us.”

But eventually, the truckers band together, using their strength and resources to get their trucks unstuck.

11. “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” by Riley Green

The song “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” by Riley Green, released in 2020, is all about love for a truck. In the song, the singer expresses gratitude for all the times his truck has been there for him.

The lyrics show just how much the singer cherishes his vehicle. He recalls crying in his truck the day his grandpa passed away. He uses it for various activities like hauling deer and enjoying a beer. He sings, “Where was I supposed to cry that July day granddaddy died? / Or haul that deer, drink that beer / Fell in and out of love / If it wasn’t for trucks.”

His truck even witnessed special moments like kissing a girl with green eyes. As the lyrics say, “Where would I’ve first heard Merle? / Or got the nerve to kiss a green eyed girl?”

All these memories and more are tied to his truck. He even suggests that he’d be a different person if he hadn’t owned his Chevy.

12. “Teddy Bear” By Red Sovine

Get ready to feel emotional when you hear “Teddy Bear” by Red Sovine. With music playing softly in the background, Sovine tells the touching story.

The song is about a young boy who’s disabled and spends his days at home while his mom struggles to get by. His dad, a truck driver, passed away in an accident. Feeling lonely, the boy, who goes by Teddy Bear, talks to truck drivers over the C.B. radio.

Truckers from all over stop by his house, taking him for rides and even collecting money for his mom. In the end, the mom thanks the truckers with tears in her eyes for their kindness.

As the lyrics goes, “This old truck will be yours Teddy Bear / But I know now, I’ll never get a ride on 18-wheeler again / But this old base’ll keep me in touch with all my trucker friends.”

13. “Sand In My Boots” By Morgan Wallen

Now, let’s end our list with a song about heartache that mentions trucks. Not many truck songs talk about heartbreak, but country singer Morgan Wallen does it in “Sand In My Boots.”

In this song, he tells a story about leaving Tennessee and meeting a woman. They hang out at the beach and bars, and she’s interested in his hometown. She even talks about wanting to visit.

When he’s about to leave, he asks her to come along. But she doesn’t show up, so he drives back home alone in his Silverado, thinking she would’ve liked Eastern Tennessee. As the lyrics goes: “Somethin’ bout the way she kissed me tells me she’d love Eastern Tennessee / Yeah, but all I brought back with me was some sand in my boots.”

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