7 Songs with the Name Andrew in the Title

The name Andrew comes from Greek and Scottish roots and is usually for guys. It comes from the Greek word “Andreas,” which is linked to “andros,” meaning “man” or “manly.” It also has vibes of being brave, strong, courageous, and warrior-like. People often shorten it to “Andy” or “Drew.”

Back in the early Christian days, the name got a boost because of Saint Andrew, who was the first follower of Jesus and is the patron saint of places like Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Scotland. Legend has it that he preached around the Black Sea and got crucified on a cross that looked like an X. Andrew is a Greek version of an original Hebrew name, but we don’t know that one. The name spread worldwide thanks to the Bible and Christianity.

What’s cool is that there are songs out there that talk about or mention the name Andrew. These songs use the name to express feelings, tell stories, or connect with people personally.

We’ve put together a list of 7 songs about Andrew in this playlist.

7 Songs with the Name Andrew in the Title

1. “Andrew in Drag” by Magnetic Fields

“Andrew in Drag” by The Magnetic Fields is a catchy indie pop song that tells the story of a straight guy who finds himself unexpectedly attracted to his friend Andrew when he dresses in drag. The lyrics playfully explore the complexity of lust and the confusing nature of desire:

“A pity she does not exist

A shame he’s not a fag

The only girl I ever loved was

Andrew in drag” 

The song captures the humorous and bittersweet moments when the singer realizes his feelings for Andrew in a dress, even though Andrew is not romantically interested.

The playful tone and catchy melody make “Andrew in Drag” a unique and memorable track in The Magnetic Fields’ discography.

2. “Andrew to Apollo” by Apollo Piero

“Andrew to Apollo” by Apollo Piero is a track that unravels the tale of Andrew’s evolution into Apollo, a rapper with a growing following. The song sheds light on the twists and turns of Andrew’s life, capturing moments of struggle and success as he embraces his new identity.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics that encapsulates Andrew’s experience:

“I had my first show in Vegas and I felt like a star

Cruising in some chicks car down the boulevard

Lap dances in advance, then they pulling down their pants

To Sony Entertainment saying I ain’t got no chance”

These lyrics portray snapshots of Andrew’s life, from feeling like a star in Vegas to facing rejection from Sony Entertainment.

3. “III. Life: The Biggest Troll [Andrew Auernheimer]” by Childish Gambino

“III. Life: The Biggest Troll [Andrew Auernheimer]” is a song by the multi-talented artist Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover. It’s part of his album “Because the Internet,” released in 2013. The album as a whole explores the impact of the internet on modern life, and this particular track delves into themes like self-reflection, trolling, and the challenges of navigating the digital age.

The title of the song includes “Andrew Auernheimer,” who is referenced in the lyrics. Andrew Auernheimer, also known as “weev,” is a computer hacker and internet troll. He gained notoriety for various online activities, and in the context of the song, Childish Gambino uses Auernheimer’s name to symbolize certain aspects of internet culture.

From the lines “Andrew Auernheimer pulling on her weave, it’s that Andrew Auernheimer,” we can see a connection between Auernheimer’s actions and their impact on others.

The song, in its entirety, weaves together a narrative that reflects on the complexities of life in the digital age, addressing issues of identity, relationships, and societal expectations.

4. “Andrew Tate” by Da Dough

“Andrew Tate” by Da Dough is a song that channels a confident and assertive vibe, drawing inspiration from the persona of Andrew Tate. The lyrics convey a sense of self-assuredness and a focus on personal success.

In the chorus, the singer boldly declares, “Tell her that she ain’t shit, On my Andrew Tate shit, Yeah I’m going ape shit, Yeah this head great bitch!” This part of the lyrics emphasizes the dismissive attitude and the influence of Andrew Tate’s assertive demeanor.

The verses delve into the desire for financial success, expressing a preference for a wealthy partner, and a willingness to prioritize personal ambition over emotional attachments.

Lines such as “Need me a trophy wife, So I can flex for life,” and “I want constant affirmation, Even outside the relation,” provide insight into the materialistic and self-focused themes of the song.

Throughout the lyrics, the repetition of “I’m on my Andrew Tate shit” reinforces the association with Andrew Tate’s bold and unapologetic personality.

5. “St. Andrew’s” by Cubs Refrain

“St. Andrew’s” by Cubs Refrain explores nostalgia, lost innocence, and personal struggles. The song takes us through memories, capturing connections and battles with inner demons. The title hints at St. Andrew’s as a refuge or a desire to go back to simpler times. The singer croons:

“Did you meet him at the station

St Andrew’s will you take me home”

6. “Andrew” by Middlemelody

“Andrew” by M Field is a song that dives deep into the inner battles of a person named Andrew. The lyrics vividly depict his hardships and the weight he carries, stressing the importance of truth and self-reliance. The chorus echoes “Andrew,” highlighting the challenges he faces alone, symbolized by a thorn in his side:

Ooh, it’s a thorn in your side

Oh, take it in your stride

Oh, now it’s only your pride


Ooh, it’s heavy as stone

Oh, it’s a truth well known

You’ve got to do it alone


The repetition of his name and the intense imagery deepen the song’s emotions, creating a thoughtful and soul-searching vibe. “Andrew” truly captures the struggle and strength needed when facing life’s obstacles.

7. “The Legend of Andrew McCrew” by Don McLean

“The Legend of Andrew McCrew” by Don McLean is a captivating narrative woven into a song, recounting the peculiar story of Andrew McCrew, a man whose life took an unexpected turn after a series of unfortunate events. It delves into the irony of Andrew’s fate, how he found more recognition and fame in death than he did in life. The song reflects on the strange circumstances that led to his mummified body becoming an exhibit in a carnival.

Here are some lyrics from the song that shed light on Andrew’s tale:

“There was a mummy at the fair, all crumpled in a folding chair

The people passed, but didn’t care that the mummy was a man

So tell me if you can

Who are you? Who are you?

Where have you been, where are you going to?

Well, Andrew McCrew must have lost his way

‘Cause though he died long ago he was buried today”

These lyrics set the stage for Andrew’s story. It highlights the indifference of the crowd towards the mummified man at the fair and posing questions about Andrew’s identity.

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