8 Songs with the Name Peter in the Title

The name “Peter” comes from the Greek word “Petros,” which means “rock.” A famous Peter in history is Peter the Apostle, called the “rock” by Jesus, who said He would build His church on him.

Why has the name “Peter” lasted so long? One reason is its strong connection to the Christian faith, with Peter the Apostle being a key figure in the Bible. Also, many important people throughout history have been named Peter, keeping it well-known.

Even though Peter has a long history and famous people with the name, it’s not as popular today as it once was. In the 1940s, it was at its peak, but now it’s less common. It’s still a classic name but not as widely used.

Some songs focus on the name “Peter” to express emotions, share stories, or connect with listeners personally. In this playlist, we’ve listed 8 songs about Peter.

8 Songs with the Name Peter in the Title

1. “Peter” by Suplex Machine

“Peter” by Suplex Machine is a catchy tune that revolves around a character named Peter. With lines like “Got blonde hair and white teeth,” it paints a picture of Peter’s appearance—baggy sweater, creased sleeves, and all.

The chorus repeatedly chants “Peter Peter Peter Cetera Peter Peter,” emphasizing his name and linking him to a dojo and the band Chicago. The lyrics humorously mention Peter’s penchant for using “tonight” in his songs, offering reassurance that it’s alright.

Yet, they also hint at a sense of mystery, noting Peter’s disappearance without meaning and envisioning a dojo equipped with automatic doors.

2. “Peter Roll” by Brutal Uzumaki

“Peter Roll” by Brutal Uzumaki tell a story of struggles, loyalty, and life experiences. The artist talks about facing challenges in a cold world, seeking forgiveness, and dealing with the changes in people around him. The reference to “Peter Roll” is repeated throughout the song and seems to represent a commitment to staying true to oneself despite hardships.

The lyrics touch on themes of family, loyalty, street life, and the harsh realities of relationships. The mention of a “Bust A Lick Life” suggests a tough and challenging lifestyle. The artist emphasizes the importance of loyalty and the consequences that may follow if someone betrays that loyalty.

The use of metaphors, references to basketball player Damian Lillard, and the comparison to Bruce Jenner contribute to the depth of the lyrics. Overall, the song reflects on personal experiences and the impact of loyalty and love in a challenging environment.

3. “Peter and John Went to Pray” by Quiz Worx

“Peter and John Went to Pray” by Quiz Worx is a lively and uplifting song that narrates a biblical story. The lyrics recount the encounter of Peter and John with a lame man.

As they journeyed to pray, they met a man seeking alms. Instead of providing money, Peter expressed, ‘Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.’

This powerful declaration is central to the song’s message, highlighting the transformative and healing power of faith. The song joyfully describes the man’s immediate recovery, as he starts walking, leaping, and praising God.

4. “Peter” by Jamie T

“Peter” by Jamie T is a song that delves into the intricate psyche of a character named Peter. The lyrics paint a vivid portrait of Peter’s inner struggles and unconventional outlook on life. The song captures moments where Peter feels like there’s a presence in his head, expressing suspicions of a desire for his demise: “Sometimes I feel like that someone has a name, Sometimes I feel that he wants me dead.”

Peter rejects conventional notions like love, dislikes specific songs, electric fences, and the singer’s friends: “Peter don’t believe in love, Peter doesn’t like this song, Peter piss electric fence, Peter doesn’t like my friends.” His disdain extends to beliefs, bands, and even his appearance. 

With a rebellious spirit, Peter challenges societal norms, expressing a desire for both personal connections and a broader impact on the world.

5. “Peter Do You Love Me” by The Primitive Quartet

The song “Peter Do You Love Me” by The Primitive Quartet shares a tale about Peter’s faith. The opening verses echo Jesus’ instructions to Peter: “Peter, do you love me? Go and feed my sheep; take care of the weak; stand up and be strong.” This mirrors Jesus’ words in the Gospel of John, where love and care for His followers are emphasized.

The song then delves into Peter’s moment of weakness, capturing the emotional weight as he denies Jesus three times, resonating with the biblical account. The poignant line, “But His heart was broken when he heard the old cock crow,” vividly portrays Peter’s realization and remorse.

After that, the lyrics mention the arrival of the Holy Spirit and Peter’s passionate preaching on the day of Pentecost. Here, the salvation of three thousand souls aligns with the Book of Acts, which shows the profound impact of Peter’s ministry. In the final verses, the song focuses on Peter’s enduring dedication, obedience, and his ultimate sacrifice of being crucified upside down.

6. “Peter Pan” by Big Pat

“Peter Pan” by Big Pat dives into the artist’s life, starting at age 14 when things took a criminal turn. The lyrics vividly depict the allure and consequences of living rebelliously.

The chorus repeats “Peter Peter Pan,” hinting at a longing to soar high, possibly to escape life’s tough parts. In the Spanish verses, Big Pat emphasizes strength and independence, not caring about others’ opinions.

Key lines go, “Look at the watch, look at the chain, look at the ring, I’m flying like Peter Pan.” The use of Peter Pan as a metaphor suggests a yearning for freedom or an escape.

Mixing English and Spanish adds depth, showing defiance, pride, and a unique cultural mix. Altogether, “Peter Pan” becomes a powerful tale of resilience and self-discovery.

7. “Shina Peters” by Timotee

“Shina Peters” by Timotee is a lively song that shares the artist’s unique experiences and perspective. The lyrics depict Timotee’s determination to create his own path to success, echoing his father’s advice that not everyone is meant to follow the same route. The repeated line “I run am Kilo Kilo Kilo” captures his energetic pursuit of dreams.

The song also explores themes of love and intimacy, describing the softness of a woman’s body and the enjoyment of shared moments. The refrain, “Shina Peters, Shina Peters, (E go hear my story),” emphasizes the artist’s confidence and commitment to making a mark.

Overall, “Shina Peters” is a spirited mix of self-assurance, personal style, and a declaration of independence.

8. “Peter Parker” by Trippychidi

“Peter Parker” by Trippychidi is a high-energy track that channels the spirit of the iconic Marvel superhero. With a catchy beat and confident delivery, Trippychidi expresses a sense of empowerment akin to Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spider-Man. The lyrics make references to swinging to the bands, feeling like Peter Parker, and wielding a metaphorical choppa like an opera.

Lines like “Bitch I feel like Peter Parker” and “Choppa swinging like a helicopter” convey a bold and assertive tone, capturing the essence of the superhero’s agility and strength.

The song blends elements of rap and superhero culture, creating a dynamic and memorable listening experience for fans of both genres.

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