5 Songs with the Name Ryan in the Title

The name Ryan can be for boys or girls and comes from Ireland, meaning “little king.” It started as a last name, O’Riain, which means “son of Rían.” Rían is made up of the Irish words rí, which means “king,” and an, a small suffix. In the US, Ryan is used for both boys and girls, and there are other spellings like Ryann and Ryanne for girls.

Ryan has been a popular Irish name in America for a long time. It was in the Top 20 from 1976 to 2010, and even though it’s not there now, it’s still quite popular. There are many Irish last names to choose from, but Ryan (originally Patrick) O’Neal made it popular in the 1960s as a fresh and lively choice compared to names like Brian and Kevin. Lately, more people are using Ryan as a girl’s name.

It’s interesting that there are songs that talk about or mention the name Ryan. These songs use the name to express feelings, share stories, or connect with listeners personally.

In this playlist, we’ve put together a list of 5 songs about Ryan.

5 Songs with the Name Ryan in the Title

1. “Ryan Song” by Knifeplay

“Ryan Song” by Knifeplay is a song that delves into the emotional landscape of a person named Ryan. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of inner turmoil, using powerful metaphors and poignant expressions. The song explores themes of anger, judgment, failure, and guilt, creating a narrative that reflects the challenges faced by Ryan.

In the lyrics, Ryan seems to bear the weight of a metaphorical cross, and there’s a questioning tone about why he has to carry such a burden and be turned into a pure idea. The repetition of the lines “Why’d they have to make you carry the cross?” suggests a sense of injustice or undeserved hardship.

The mention of guilt and the play of memories further adds to the complexity of Ryan’s emotional experience. Despite the struggle, the lyrics also indicate a shift, as blame seems to dissipate, leaving Ryan to grapple with the echoes of the past.

2. “A Ballad to Ryan” by Matty Fritts Dawg

“A Ballad to Ryan” by Matty Fritts Dawg is a song that humorously captures the songwriter’s playful and satirical take on someone named Ryan.

The song delve into various aspects of Ryan’s life, including his personal hygiene, love life, and even his choice of entertainment and employment. The singer croons:

“Ryan, he’s so stinky winky winky stinky

His stench envelopes those within a mile

And his love life is just to compare as disgusting as his thick pubic hair

He needs a gun to end his awful life for he will never find a respectable wife”

Following that, the lyrics touch on Ryan’s past relationship with Ellen and make light of his decisions, such as getting a PS4 and working at McDonald’s.

The overall tone of the song is light-hearted and teasing, with a touch of satire aimed at Ryan’s choices and life experiences.

3. “Go Ryan Go” by HighTyde and Ckyttlez

“Go Ryan Go” by HighTyde and Ckyttlez is a song that tells the story of a guy named Ryan. He’s caught up in a world of crime and trying hard to make it. The lyrics describe Ryan’s adventures, like robbing jewelry shops and pulling off a daring bank heist. The song paints a clear picture of Ryan’s struggles, setbacks, and moments of thinking about his life.

Here are some lyrics that show Ryan’s life:

“I was robbing the jewelry shops

From broke to poor, could not afford the new Tupac

I was destined to fail in life, when dreams prevailed

I got thrown back in jail for crimes I never did”

The chorus cheers Ryan on and highlights someone supportive in his life:

“(Go Ryan, go) ‘Cause it’s a sure bet, whenever my girl says

(Go Ryan, go) And I can’t help it, nobody else knows that”

The repeated line “My name is Ryan (Ooh ooh!)” adds a catchy touch to the song and reminds us about the main character. The lyrics mix determination, criminal activities, and a possible turning point in Ryan’s life, making “Go Ryan Go” an interesting story in the world of hip-hop.

4. “I Got You Ryan Gosling” by Sha Breezie

“I Got You Ryan Gosling” by Sha Breezi is a catchy and humorous song that playfully celebrates the charms and qualities of the Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling. The lyrics express admiration for Ryan Gosling’s looks, personality, and even attribute some fictional and amusing feats to him.

The song combines a fun and lighthearted tone with catchy beats, making it an entertaining tribute to the popular actor. The singer croons:

“I got you Ryan Gosling, hey girl

You’re beautiful and so sexy

Everybody sit down, ’cause I’m gettin’ a hit

You know Ryan Gosling don’t take no shit”

5. Starting by Default (Ryan Gomes) by Miracle Johan

“Starting by Default (Ryan Gomes)” by Miracle Johan is a song that pays homage to Ryan Gomes, a player for the Celtics who found himself in a starting role due to injuries.

The track captures Gomes’ dedication, hustle, and determination as he stepped up to the challenge despite being an undersized forward. Here are some of the lyrics that encapsulate Ryan Gomes’ spirit:

“Yo I’m Ryan Gomes

This one’s going out to Al D in Seekonk Massachusetts, what up dog?

I’m kind of starting by default as of late on the Celtics due to injuries

I don’t know if I’m going to keep my starting spot but I’m sure going to keep playing…”

These lines set the tone for the song, highlighting Gomes’ unexpected rise to a starting position and his commitment to continue giving his all on the court, regardless of uncertainties about his role.

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