7 Songs with the Name Susan in the Title

Susan is a girl’s name that comes from Hebrew and means “lily.” It was most popular in the 1930s to the 1960s but is still common among moms and new grandmas today. While some modern parents prefer variations like Susanna or Susannah, there’s a small interest in bringing back Susan because it has a fresh vibe, like a black-eyed Susan flower.

Susan has appeared in many books, such as George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss, Anthony Trollope’s Barchester Towers, Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude the Obscure, and Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley.

People often give Susan nicknames like Sue, Susie, Suzy, Sukie, and Zuzu. These nicknames have even been celebrated in songs. Susan is linked to notable figures like activist Susan B. Anthony, writer Sontag, and actress Sarandon.

Some songs focus on or mention the name Susan to express emotions, tell stories, or connect with listeners personally.

In this playlist, we’ve gathered 7 songs about Susan.

7 Songs with the Name Susan in the Title

1. “My Name Is Not Susan” by Whitney Houston

“My Name Is Not Susan” by Whitney Houston, released in 1991, is a spirited new jack swing anthem from her album “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” Produced by L.A. Reid and Babyface, the song’s lyrics, penned by Eric Foster White, confront a lover who mistakenly calls Whitney by his ex’s name, Susan.

With an assertive tone, Houston warns that if he can’t let go of Susan, their relationship is over. The lyrics convey Houston’s self-respect and refusal to tolerate being compared to the past.

The catchy chorus emphasizes her point, stating, “My name is not Susan, so watch what you say. If you still need her, then be on your way.” The song’s fusion of pop and R&B, along with its bold lyrics, makes it a memorable moment in Whitney Houston’s discography.

2. “Susan” by Aimee Mann

“Susan” by Aimee Mann tells a story about someone named Susan. It seems like she had insight into a situation that didn’t turn out well, with a hopeless prognosis from the start. The narrator reflects on a past experience, describing a moment with someone who provided support (“threw me rope and buoy”), but it ended with a metaphorical explosion (“pulled the pin on another grenade”).

The mention of a parade and kissing suggests a temporary joy or celebration, but it might have led to difficulties in saying goodbye. There’s a reference to a “Roman candle supply” and watching a vapor trail in the sky, indicating a sense of reflection or contemplation.

In the end, the narrator acknowledges being in that place again, where someone can’t come in to get them, and there’s a belief that someday, that someone will regret the situation. The mention of the “hope of fusion” and the halo reappearing suggests a longing for a positive outcome, even if it may be illusory.

3. “Oh No Not Susan” by Electric Light Orchestra

“Oh No Not Susan” by Electric Light Orchestra explores the life of Susan, a woman surrounded by opulence yet grappling with inner conflict. The lyrics depict her weekends at a stately home, tearfully observing the lions on the garden wall.

Despite her privileged lifestyle, Susan’s laughter disguises a deeper emotional struggle. The refrain, “Oh, no, not me, I wouldn’t, Oh, no, not me, I couldn’t,” suggests her resistance to societal expectations.

The song underscores the hollowness of material wealth with lyrics like, “That’s all she says, her money and her place, They just don’t mean a thing.”

Susan’s encounters with lords and dukes reveal a facade of happiness, questioning the fulfillment that accompanies wealth and status.

4. “Susan When She Tried” by Elvis Presley

“Susan When She Tried” by Elvis Presley is a poignant reflection on the singer’s romantic life. The lyrics recount heartbreaks with Charlotte Thompson and Goldie Johnson, but the pain is fleeting. Peggy Harper leaves a lasting mark, yet it’s Susan who holds a unique place in the singer’s heart.

The lyrics express a willingness to trade past loves for just an hour with Susan, highlighting her special significance. Elvis croons, “No, there’s never been a woman who could make me weak inside, And give me what I needed like Susan when she tried.”

These words convey a deep emotional connection, portraying Susan as the one who truly understood and fulfilled the singer’s needs.

5. “Susan Miller Rag” by Bright Eyes

“Susan Miller Rag” is a captivating song by Bright Eyes, known for its inclusion as a bonus track in the album Cassadaga. Released as a B-side, it was a special treat for those who preordered the album in CD or vinyl format. The song carries a unique blend of folk and indie rock, with thought-provoking lyrics that delve into the complexities of life and the pursuit of personal freedom.

The title itself, “Susan Miller Rag,” may spark curiosity about who Susan Miller is and what role she plays in the song. However, the lyrics of the song do not explicitly mention Susan Miller. Instead, they focus on broader themes of overcoming challenges, letting go of tension, and seeking liberation.

In the lyrics, the singer encourages us to relax and find solace in the face of adversity. The words paint a vivid picture of escaping societal expectations and personal struggles, urging a departure from the ordinary and a path towards personal fulfillment.

6. “Susan” by Dean Martin

Dean Martin’s ‘Susan’ is a lively and spirited song that unfolds a charming tale of romance in a small village. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of boys eagerly courting the enchanting Susan in the village square. In the pale moonlight, Susan refuses to settle down or cuddle up, keeping the local suitors at bay.

With a certain air that the boys term ‘supersonic,’ Susan becomes the center of attention, causing a delightful commotion. The local barbers are running out of tonic, and Sunday’s best-dressed romeos strut down the avenue, buzzing around Susan like bees. The lyrics humorously capture the confusion and amusement in the village caused by Susan’s irresistible charm.

As Dean Martin confidently croons, ‘Susan has made up her mind who she’s choosin’, who she’s gonna be, Susan’s in love with me.’ These lyrics, accompanied by Martin’s signature style, make ‘Susan’ a catchy and entertaining exploration of love and attraction.

7. “Song for Susan” by Crosby, Stills, Nash

“Song for Susan” by Crosby, Stills, Nash is a touching song that beautifully captures the essence of love and connection. Dedicated to a person named Susan, the lyrics express deep emotions and gratitude for the presence of this special individual. The song reflects themes of trust, comfort, and the transformative power of love.

In the lyrics, Susan is portrayed as a source of solace and understanding, someone the singer can trust and turn to in times of need. Here are some lyrics that highlight the significance of Susan in the song:

“If anyone wants to know where my heart is

Tell everyone that it’s wrapped around yours

‘Cause you, you’re the one I can turn to

You opened up the door”

From these words, we can sense a strong devotion and connection. The imagery of the heart being wrapped around Susan’s emphasizes the deep emotional bond, while the mention of opening up the door suggests an invitation to a more profound and intimate relationship.

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