20 Songs About Being in Love with Someone Else

Are you in love with someone other than your partner? Not sure what to do about it? It’s a tough situation.

Maintaining a relationship can be challenging, and even in the best of times, it can be draining. Committing to one person for life may sound romantic, but in reality, spending every day together for decades can be tough.

This situation might catch you off guard and make you feel guilty and ashamed. Perhaps you’d like to find solace in some songs that explore the associated feelings and experiences.

In this playlist, we’ve put together a list of 20 songs about being in love with someone else.

20 Songs About Being in Love with Someone Else

1. “Holding Her, Loving You” by Clay Walker

The song “Holding Her, Loving You” by Clay Walker tells a story of a complex and emotional situation. The lyrics convey the struggle of being in love with two people at the same time. 

In the song, the singer faces a difficult choice between two women. The first woman has been good to him during tough times, and he feels guilty about leaving her. The second woman, however, is the one he truly loves.

He’s torn between the two, as the first woman hasn’t done anything wrong, and he doesn’t want to hurt her. Despite this, his love for the second woman is stronger. He sings, “If she’d give me one good reason I’d be gone/But she ain’t done one thing wrong/So don’t expect me just to walk out of the door/I still love her but I love you more.”

2. “In Love With Another Man” by Jazmine Sullivan

The song “In Love With Another Man” by Jazmine Sullivan explores the theme of being in love with someone else while being in a relationship with another person. 

The singer expresses her inner turmoil, wishing she could forget the person she’s in love with. She acknowledges that she should let go of the new love interest, but it’s not easy to do so. She feels that the new person treats her better than her current partner.

Despite knowing that she should end her current relationship, she can’t easily do it because she’s deeply in love with the other man. She apologizes to her current partner for the pain she’s causing but can’t deny her feelings for the other man. She sings, “I’m so sorry baby that I have to do this to you/But I can’t go on pretending/Cause I love him, I love him.”

3. “I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else’s Bed)” by Billy Ocean

The song “I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else’s Bed)” by Billy Ocean seems to express the idea that many people have moments of attraction and temptation, but ultimately, he desires a deeper connection with someone special. 

The song acknowledges that it’s natural for people to be attracted to others, like a “Don Juan” in everyone. It suggests that looking at other attractive people is harmless, but it’s essential to remain faithful and not act on those temptations.

However, the singer emphasizes his strong connection with someone special, saying that being with that person is what truly satisfies him. He finds it challenging to eat or sleep when he’s away from this special someone.

He sings, “I sleep much better in someone else’s bed/But I really want you, really want you/Don’t want no one else instead/Isn’t it strange what a man can do/If he can’t have you.”

4. “Should’ve Never” by Jennifer Lopez

The song “Should’ve Never” by Jennifer Lopez explores the theme of being caught in a love triangle and the emotional turmoil that comes with it. 

In the song, Jennifer Lopez confesses that she’s been entangled in a complicated situation where she’s in love with two different men. She is already in a relationship with one person, but her heart belongs to another. She expresses regret for letting this situation develop to the point where it is.

Jennifer acknowledges that she and the other man have hidden their true feelings for each other and shared secrets over the phone. She realizes the depth of her emotions for him and the difficulty of having to choose between the two men. She sings, “Oh, my God, I love you boy so much but to have to choose between the two/Is hurting me so deep inside.”

5. “It’s Sad to Belong” by England Dan & John Ford Coley

The song “It’s Sad to Belong” by England Dan & John Ford Coley tells a bittersweet story of a married man who falls in love with another woman, realizing that they cannot be together. 

The song describes how the man met the woman on a spring day while they were both living their separate lives. When they made eye contact, he felt a strange sensation and knew that something was different.

As the story unfolds, the man confesses that he’s already committed to someone else, and the woman he met is not his partner. He expresses the sadness of belonging to someone else when he has found a deep connection with the new woman. He sings, “… That it’s sad to belong to someone else/When the right one comes along.”

6. “She Don’t Have to Know” by John Legend

The song “She Don’t Have to Know” by John Legend tells a story of a secret affair between two people who are already in committed relationships with others. 

The song begins with the singer acknowledging that he and the person he’s involved with are stealing moments together, even though they both know it’s wrong and they should tell the truth. They are trying to keep their affair hidden from their respective partners. He sings, “Ooh stealing moments just to be with you/Though it’s wrong it’s hard to tell the truth/Oh no she don’t have to know/She don’t have to know.”

The singer describes how they meet, often wearing disguises to avoid being recognized in public. Despite their efforts to keep their affair a secret, they both know that they recognize each other when they pass by. 

7. “Baby” by Clean Bandit featuring MARINA and Luis Fonsi

The song “Baby” by Clean Bandit featuring Marina and Luis Fonsi tells the story of a love triangle and the complexity of romantic relationships. 

The song begins with the singer reminiscing about a past love. She recalls seeing the person in an empty room, and it had a profound impact on her. The singer longs to go back to that time in September and regrets letting go of that love. 

The lyrics describe the singer as young and inexperienced in matters of love, while the other person was wild and captivating. The singer confesses to giving her heart to someone else after parting ways with the person she now misses.

The song ends with the realization that the love story has ended for the singer and the person she desires, as both are already with someone else. She sings, “This love story ends for you and I/’Cause I’m already someone else’s.”

8. “Angel In Your Arms” by Reba McEntire

The song “Angel in Your Arms” tells the story of a woman who discovers her partner’s infidelity and decides to seek solace in the arms of another person. 

The song begins with the woman questioning her partner’s honesty and whether she’s a fool for believing his words. She’s starting to doubt the truth in what he says.

As she becomes aware of his unfaithfulness and his neglect of their relationship, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She finds comfort and love in the arms of another person, someone who is willing to give her the attention she craves.

The song emphasizes the idea that while her partner may have had an “angel in his arms” in the morning, meaning her, she has decided to become the “devil in someone else’s arms” at night as a response to his betrayal.

9. “I Found Someone Of My Own” by Free Movement

The song “I’ve Found Someone of My Own” by The Free Movement tells a story of a relationship that is coming to an end as both partners have found someone new. 

The song begins with the singer describing a morning when his partner, with tears in her eyes, confesses to having found someone new. The singer listens as his partner shares this revelation, encouraging her to speak her mind.

The partner admits that she has found somebody else to replace the singer. In response, the singer reassures his partner not to feel alone because he, too, has found a new love. The singer sings, “Don’t feel so all alone/I’ve found someone of my own.”

10. “Bad Girl” by Madonna

The song “Bad Girl” by Madonna explores the theme of a woman trapped in a toxic relationship.

The song starts with Madonna singing about feeling that something is missing in her life and the need to hide her emotions from her partner. 

As the song progresses, it becomes evident that the narrator is engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as drinking, chain smoking, and engaging in infidelity.

The refrain “Bad girl, drunk by six, kissing someone else’s lips, smoked too many cigarettes today, I’m not happy when I act this way” reflects the narrator’s inner turmoil. 

Madonna’s explanation of the song suggests that the narrator cares deeply for the person she’s in the relationship with but is struggling to say goodbye. The song portrays the complexity of emotions in a toxic relationship, where the narrator is torn between her love for her partner and her own unhappiness.

11. “Another Man’s Woman” by Marcia Ball

The song “Another Man’s Woman” by Marcia Ball explores the the emotional complexity of being in a relationship with someone who is already committed to another person. 

The song begins with the singer acknowledging the intensity of the desire and attraction between them. However, they are fully aware that their feelings for each other are wrong because they are both involved with other people. She sings, “Cause I’m another, another man’s woman.”

The lines “Oh darlin’, I know what we feel is wrong/Our desire to be together baby/Makes it hard to leave each other alone,” express the struggle of trying to resist the temptation to be together, as their yearning for each other is hard to ignore. Despite the knowledge that what they’re doing is against societal norms, their desire to be together is overpowering. 

12. “Another Love” by Tom Odell

The song “Another Love” by Tom Odell expresses a sense of longing, heartache, and the desire to find a new love after experiencing pain and disappointment in a past relationship. 

The song begins with the singer’s desire to take someone special to a place to show his care and affection. However, the singer feels emotionally cold and lost, not knowing where to go.

The lyrics mention bringing daffodils as a gesture of love, but there’s a sense of disappointment as they won’t bloom like they did in the past spring. This could symbolize the fading of a previous relationship’s happiness.

There’s a desire to cry and to love, but it seems that all his tears have been used up on another love. He sings, “On another love, another love/All my tears have been used up.”

13. “Midnight Confessions” by Grassroots

The song “Midnight Confessions” by The Grass Roots tells the story of a man who is deeply infatuated with a married woman. Despite knowing that he can never have her, he finds solace in confessing his love for her audibly, even though he can only do so in private, during his midnight confessions. 

The song begins with the man noticing the sound of the woman’s footsteps, signaling her proximity. Her gentle movements and presence awaken a strong desire within him, but he knows that his love for her can never be shared with the world.

During his midnight confessions, the man openly declares his love for the woman, despite the fact that he can only express his feelings when he’s alone and in the dark. These confessions are his way of releasing the emotions he keeps hidden from others. He sings, “‘Cause sometimes the feelings are so hard to hide, but/In my midnight confessions/When I tell all the world that I love you.”

14. “Dilemma” by Nelly

The song “Dilemma” by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland is about a man who is in love with a woman who is already in a committed relationship. Despite the woman’s existing relationship, the man is deeply infatuated with her and can’t help but express his feelings for her. 

The song begins with the man expressing his love and need for the woman, emphasizing that he loves her deeply.

The man acknowledges that the woman is in a relationship with another man, and he’s aware of her commitment to him.

Despite the woman’s relationship status, the man can’t stop thinking about her and is infatuated with her. He admits that even when he’s with his own partner, he can’t get her out of his mind. He sings, “Boy, you know I’m crazy over you (you know I’m, you know I’m)/No matter what I do/All I think about is you.”

15. “Girls & Boys” by Prince and the Revolution

The song “Girls & Boys” by Prince and The Revolution, from the album “Parade,” is about a brief and intense romantic encounter between two people. 

The lyrics describe a man who has known a woman for a short period of time but has become very fond of her.

The man has grown accustomed to the woman’s style and physical attributes, particularly praising her appearance.

He appreciates their moments together, including kissing on the steps of Versailles, a famous palace in France.

Despite their strong connection, the woman is already committed to another man. The Prince sings, “He gave her all the love that anyone can/But she was promised to another man.”

16. “Another Man Loved Me Last Night” by Loretta Lynn

The song “Another Man Loved Me Last Night” by Loretta Lynn explores the theme of infidelity and the emotional turmoil it causes. 

The narrator is involved in a secret affair with another man.

She feels guilty and unable to make eye contact or speak honestly with her partner.

She hopes her partner attributes her moodiness to something else, not realizing the truth.

The narrator reflects on how she had almost forgotten what true love felt like.

Despite knowing it’s wrong, she succumbs to the temptation and allows another man to love her. She sings, “Though it was wrong there, in his arms it seemed so right/When another man loved me last night.”

In the end of the song, she describes the inner conflict of crying while her partner is asleep beside her.

17. “Another Girl” by The Beatles

The song “Another Girl” by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney, is about a man telling his current girlfriend that he has found another girl and is moving on from their relationship. 

The singer starts by informing his girlfriend that he has found another girl.

He acknowledges that he used to claim that he had nobody but her, but now he’s found someone new.

The singer describes the new girl as sweeter and capable of doing things that others can’t.

He emphasizes that he’s no fool and won’t accept what he doesn’t want.

In the lines, “Another girl who will love me till the end/Through thick and thin, she will always be my friend,” the singer acknowledges the new girl’s commitment to him. 

He admits that he’s been unhappy in his current relationship and has decided to move on. He sings, “I don’t wanna say that I’ve been unhappy with you/But as from today, well, I’ve seen somebody that’s new/For I have got another girl.”

18. “Love The One You’re With” by Stephen Stills

The song “Love the One You’re With” by Stephen Stills is about embracing the present moment and finding happiness with the person who is currently with you, even if it’s not the one you originally desired.

Stills wrote the song after being inspired by the tagline — “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” — which was a frequent remark by musician Billy Preston.

In the song, the singer describes a situation where someone is feeling down and confused, possibly missing someone who is far away. The lyrics suggest that when you can’t be with the person you love, you should focus on the person who is currently with you.

The phrase “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with” emphasizes the idea of making the best of the situation and finding love and happiness in the present moment.

19. “It Hurts Me Too” by Ry Cooder

The song “It Hurts Me Too” is a classic blues tune that portrays the pain and longing of a man who loves a woman involved with another man. 

The narrator expresses that the woman he loves has been hurting and seems troubled all the time.

He acknowledges that when things go wrong in her life, it affects him deeply, causing him pain. The narrator expresses his willingness to be patient and wait for her.

However, it frustrates him when the woman continues to be committed to the other man, even though he loves another woman. He sings, ‘He loves another woman, darlin’, I love you. Yeah, you still stick to him, stick to him like glue.'”

20. “Still a Fool” by The Rolling Stones

“Still A Fool” by The Rolling Stones tell a story of a forbidden love. The singer mentions two trains running, but neither of them goes in their direction, symbolizing the feeling of things not going their way. One train runs at midnight, and the other takes four days to arrive, emphasizing the slow and painful passage of time.

The singer asks for help with his blues. He admits to being crazy and a fool for falling in love with another man’s wife. He sings, “I’ve been crazy all my life/Well I fell in love with another man’s wife/With another man’s wife.”

Despite society’s judgment, the singer praises the woman she loves, describing her as long and tall, and comparing her to a weeping willow tree.  He defends her, saying that she’s alright with him, regardless of what others may say.

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