21 Songs About The Future

The future is always uncertain. We don’t know what’s coming, and nobody can promise what tomorrow will be like.

In a world full of uncertainty, what are you sure about? What issues might come up, and how can you solve them before they become a problem? What steps can you take now to make your future better?

Music has a powerful way of expressing our hopes, fears, dreams, and even our thoughts about what’s to come. It’s a language that everyone understands, and it provides the soundtrack to our lives, painting vivid pictures of what the future might hold.

Artists from different music styles have explored the theme of the future in their songs. They’ve created compelling stories and catchy tunes that capture the feeling of looking forward, dealing with the unknown, and the excitement it brings.

In this playlist, we’ll explore 21 of the best songs about the future.

21 Songs About The Future

1. “Give Me The Future” by Bastille

“Give Me The Future” by Bastille is the title track from their fourth studio album, released in 2022. The song explores the idea of living in a digital age, where technology has become an integral part of our existence.

Lines like “I got two open eyes, now I’m on the other side” and “I could be anything, let me be your Midas king” express the sense of freedom and possibility that technology offers. The singer seems to embrace the idea of a virtual or augmented reality where he can experience anything he desires.

The chorus, “So give me the future, it’s golden and bright, Catch a fever dream in the flash of the lights,” reflects the desire for a future that is filled with promise and excitement, even though it may be uncertain. 

2. “Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles

“Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles is the closing track on their 1966 album Revolver, primarily written by John Lennon and credited to the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership. The song encourages us to embrace the unknown future. 

The lyrics, including lines like “Turn off your mind, Relax, and float downstream” and “Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,” suggest letting go of the past and surrendering to the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

The song conveys the idea that by detaching from preconceived notions and embracing the present moment, one can discover the true meaning of life and the importance of love.

3. “A Better Future” By David Bowie

“A Better Future” by David Bowie, part of his 2002 album Heathen, expresses a longing for a brighter future and a plea for positive change.

Bowie’s lyrics, such as “Please don’t tear this world asunder” and “I demand a better future,” convey a strong desire for improvement and a removal of fear and uncertainty.

The song also contains a heartfelt wish for a better world for his children, with lines like “Give my children sunny smiles, Give them warm and cloudless skies.”

Some interpretations suggest that the song may be a conversation with God, adding depth to Bowie’s hopes for a more promising world.

4. “Future Shock” by Curtis Mayfield

“Future Shock” by Curtis Mayfield is a song from his 1973 album “Back to the World.” The term “future shock” refers to a state of distress or disorientation caused by rapid societal or technological change, popularized by Alvin Toffler’s book of the same name. In his song, Mayfield uses this concept to comment on the social issues of his time.

The lyrics of “Future Shock” convey a sense of societal struggle and transition. The lines “Hey, little sister, Where’s your brother, See your mother, Standing on the soup line” paint a picture of hardship and poverty. 

Mayfield suggests that societal issues like poverty and discrimination are exacerbated by the rapid pace of change in the world.

Throughout the song, there is a call for action, as Mayfield sings, “We got to stop all men from messing up the land.” It reflects his desire for a better future and a plea for people to come together to address the social problems of their time.

5. “Future Reflections” by MGMT

“Future Reflections” by MGMT is a contemplative song that explores the choices and transitions that young people face as they grow older and move into adulthood. The song offers a unique perspective on the paths that these people may choose, with a focus on resilience and adaptability.

The lyrics describe a scene: “On a green colored island, on a primitive man,” and create an image of youthful energy with lines like “A street was missing a building, the kids had something to do.”

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of life, the song maintains a tone of resilience, emphasizing the human ability to adapt and overcome.

6. “The Future Starts Slow” By The Kills

“The Future Starts Slow” by The Kills is a raw and edgy indie rock track released as the second single from their fourth studio album, “Blood Pressures,” in 2011.

The song is a poignant exploration of love, longing, and the reluctance to let go of a significant other, because the future appears uncertain and slow to unfold, as expressed in the lines, “But don’t ever give me up, I could never get back up when the future starts so slow.”

The narrator is determined not to give up, because doing so would be detrimental to his well-being. He sings, “If I ever give you up, my heart will surely fail.” 

7. “Future Starts Now” by Kim Petras

“Future Starts Now” by Kim Petras is a vibrant and empowering song released in 2021. The track carries an infectious rhythm that encourages listeners to embrace the present moment and celebrate life. It serves as a powerful mantra, urging people not to give up because the “future starts now.”

The song encourages people to push through challenges and worries, emphasizing that they have the power to shape their future, with lines like “Ain’t nobody gonna stop me” and “You’re more than just anybody.”

Kim Petras celebrates the idea that one day, everyone will recognize their potential, and the world is full of opportunities waiting to be seized.

8. “One Hundred Years From Now” by The Byrds

“One Hundred Years From Now” by The Byrds is a song from their groundbreaking 1968 album “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” The song, penned by Gram Parsons, offers a reflective meditation on how people may change over time and the uncertainty of the future.

The lyrics express a sense of doubt and contemplation, as the narrator wonders whether people will still feel the same way, say the same things, or hold the same beliefs one hundred years from the present, singing, “One hundred years from this time, Would anybody change their minds, And find out one thing or two about life?”

Although the future holds unpredictability, the singer recognises that history has a way of repeating itself, as expressed in the lines “Nobody knows what kind of trouble we’re in, Nobody seems to think it all might happen again.”

9. “Future Lovers” by Madonna

“Future Lovers” by Madonna is a track from her 2005 album “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” This song presents a vision of love that is futuristic and alluring.

The lyrics encourage listeners to forget their current problems and embrace the potential of love in the future, as Madonna sings, “Let me be your guide, cut inside your pride, Future lovers hide love inside their eyes.”

Madonna suggests that love can be a powerful force, almost like a religion, and it invites people to take a chance on it with lines like, “Connect to the sky, Future lovers ride their ambitions high, would you like to try?”

The song’s repetitive use of “In the evidence of its brilliance” reinforces the idea that this love is something extraordinary and worth pursuing.

10. “Future Games” by Fleetwood Mac

“Future Games” by Fleetwood Mac is a thought-provoking track from their 1971 album of the same name. The song marks an important turning point for Fleetwood Mac as they transitioned from their blues roots toward a more progressive rock sound.

Written by Bob Welch, the song encourages listeners to contemplate the concept of taking control of their destiny and reflects on their actions and decisions, as expressed in the lines, “You invent the future that you want to face.”

The lyrics of the song touch on themes of uncertainty about the future, pondering the actions of people and their impact on the world, as seen in the lines, “How many people sit home at night, Wondering if they will be here tonight?”

The repeated refrain, “I know I’m not the only one,” suggests a shared human experience of contemplating the future and its enigmatic nature.

11. “In The Year 2525” By Zager & Evans

“In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)” by Zager & Evans is a song that offers a dystopian glimpse of humanity’s future through a series of verses set in different millennia.

The song starts in the year 2525, with the haunting lyrics, “In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find.”

Each subsequent verse progresses a thousand years into the future, depicting a darker and more technologically dominated world.

For example, in the year 3535, the lyrics suggest that truth and lies will no longer matter, proclaiming, “Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie, everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today.”

12. “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa

“Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa is a song that blends elements of past and future, creating a unique musical experience. It pays homage to the rich history of music.

The song begins with Dua Lipa introducing herself and the concept of “Future Nostalgia,” which represents a fusion of the past and future in music.

Throughout the song, there is a strong message of self-confidence and assertiveness, as seen in lines like, “No matter what you do, I’m gonna get it without ya” and “I know you ain’t used to a female alpha.” These lyrics reflect Lipa’s determination to succeed and challenge traditional gender roles in the music industry.

She wants to push boundaries in the future and create something fresh in music, singing, “You want a timeless song, I wanna change the game.”

13. “Next 100 Years” By Bon Jovi

“Next 100 Years” by Bon Jovi is a heartfelt song that emphasizes the enduring power of love and commitment. The lyrics reflect on the passage of time and the importance of standing by someone through all of life’s challenges.

The song begins with the lines, “Time ain’t nothing but time, it’s a verse with no rhyme, man, it all comes down to you.” These words emphasize the unstoppable nature of time and the impact of personal choices on one’s life.

Throughout the song, the singer expresses the idea that even when facing challenges and uncertainties, he will stand by his loved one and provide comfort and strength. He sings, “I’m gonna hold you ’til your hurt is gone, be the shoulder that you’re leaning on. I’ll be standing here for the next 100 years.” 

14. “My Future” by Billie Eilish

“My Future” by Billie Eilish is a song that explores themes of self-discovery, self-love, and the anticipation of what the future holds. The lyrics convey a feeling of disconnect and self-identity struggle, as evident in lines like, “I can’t seem to focus, and you don’t seem to notice, I’m not here.” 

As the song progresses, it becomes evident that the singer has made a decision to prioritize their own growth and well-being, with lyrics like, “I’m in love with my future, can’t wait to meet her.” 

In the lines “I’m in love with my future, and you don’t know her,” the singer expresses her eagerness to embrace what lies ahead and her rejection of the idea that she needs someone else to be complete.

15. “Future” by Paramore

“Future” by Paramore, the closing track of their self-titled album in 2013, is a song that marks a departure from the band’s typical sound. The lyrics of the song convey a sense of hope and anticipation for a better future.

The song begins with a soft melody and Hayley Williams’ haunting vocals. The lyrics suggest a focus on moving forward and not dwelling on the past, with lines like, “I’m writing the future, I’m leaving a key here, something won’t always be missing, it won’t always feel emptier.” These words reflect a desire to let go of past troubles and create a brighter future.

Around the three-minute mark, the song undergoes a dramatic shift, becoming entirely instrumental. This instrumental section is a powerful expression of emotion, with guitar riffs and drum beats creating a raw and intense atmosphere.

16. “Next Year” By Foo Fighters

“Next Year” by Foo Fighters is a song filled with longing and nostalgia, serving as an anthem for dreamers who are always looking ahead to a better future.

The lyrics convey a sense of hope amid chaos and unrest, with lines like, “I’ll be coming home next year,” symbolizing the desire for stability and a brighter tomorrow.

The song begins with the singer in the sky, watching the troubled world below, but finding solace in the promise of coming home “next year.” This longing to return home represents a desire for a better future, with the lyrics, “I’m in the sky tonight, there I can keep by your side.”

The chorus reinforces the idea of looking forward to the next year as a time of reunion and hope, with the lyrics, “Come on, get on, get on, take it till life runs out.”

17. “Welcome to the Future” by Brad Paisley

“Welcome to the Future” by Brad Paisley is a country hit that celebrates progress and reflects on how far society has come. The lyrics take listeners on a melodic journey through time, offering a sense of optimism and hope for the future.

The song begins with a nostalgic look back to the singer’s childhood when owning a Pac-Man game at home seemed like a dream, with the lyrics, “When I was ten years old, I remember thinking how cool it would be, when we were goin’ on an eight-hour drive if I could just watch TV.”

The chorus, “Hey, every day’s a revolution, Welcome to the future,” emphasizes the idea that each day brings new changes and progress, and the future should be embraced with optimism.

18. “Future Proof” by Massive Attack

“Future Proof” by Massive Attack is a hauntingly beautiful track that offers a glimpse into a dystopian vision of the future. The lyrics and music create an atmosphere of isolation and uncertainty.

The song begins with phrases like “Borderline case,” “Reinforced glass,” and “Absent friends,” which evoke a sense of detachment and separation from the world. These words paint a picture of a society where individuals are isolated and disconnected.

As the song progresses, it delves into themes of chemical dependence and numbness, with lines like “He draws the warm pipe, Chemicals, Chemicals.” This suggests a reliance on substances to cope with the harsh reality of the future.

The title, “Future Proof,” hints at the uncertainty and fragility of the future, as if it needs to be protected or fortified against the challenges that lie ahead.

19. “Dear Future Husband” By Meghan Trainor

“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor is a song that takes the form of a letter addressed to a yet-to-be-met soulmate, expressing expectations and dreams for a future filled with love, respect, and mutual understanding.

The song opens with Meghan Trainor addressing her future husband, listing a few things he’ll need to know if he wants to be her one and only for life. She emphasizes the importance of taking her on dates and remembering flowers for anniversaries, setting clear expectations for the type of love and respect she expects in her relationship.

Throughout the song, Trainor lays out her desires and the kind of treatment she expects, with lines like “You gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I’m acting crazy.”

She also humorously mentions some specific expectations, like sleeping on the left side of the bed and opening doors for her.

20. “Hope for the Future” by Paul McCartney

“Hope for the Future” by Paul McCartney is a song that was recorded for the video game Destiny and released digitally in 2014 and on vinyl in 2015. The song carries a message of optimism, resilience, and the belief in a brighter future.

In the lyrics, McCartney sings, “Some hope for the future, Some wait for the call, To say that the days ahead, Will be the best of all,” which expresses his hope and anticipation for better times.

He also mentions building bridges to the sky and heavenly lights surrounding us, symbolizing the idea of reaching for greater heights and possibilities.

The song also states, “Hope shines brightest in the dark, Where nothing’s ever seen, Lighting undiscovered places, No-one’s ever been,” underlining the notion that hope is strongest in difficult times and can lead us to uncharted territories of opportunity and growth in the future. 

21. “Future People” by Alabama Shakes

“Future People” by Alabama Shakes is a song from their second studio album, Sound & Color. This unique blend of rock, blues, and soul explores the idea of looking forward to a better life rather than dwelling on the past. 

While some wish to reconnect with lost loved ones, the song’s protagonist prefers to meet the future, expressing a desire for personal growth and embracing the unknown. He sings, “I’d rather meet, Freedom than roam, To lead me through the fog, Couldn’t ask for more.”

In the lines “Children, Take a living, Gotta keep up, You got to give a little, get a little, And see it, Like future people,” the singer urges the children to prepare for the bright future, conveying a message of optimism and forward-looking positivity.  

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